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When an Officer Threatens to Seek a Search Warrant if a Suspect Doesn’t Consent to a Search, Is the Suspect’s Subsequent Consent Rendered Involuntary?

Is It Proper to Charge a Person with RDO for Refusing to Open the Door for a Search Warrant?

State v. Shelton Refines Sufficiency Analysis in Drugged Driving Case

What May an Officer Do When a Suspect Runs Onto the Scene of a Search?

Does a Search Warrant for a Person Authorize a Strip Search?

Carpenter, Search Warrants, and Court Orders Based on Probable Cause

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Search Warrants Authorizing Law Enforcement Computer Hacking and Malware

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Controlled Buys, Middlemen, and Probable Cause

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Search Warrants for Lawyers’ Offices

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Questions and Resources about Searches of Cloud Storage