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Failure to Appear at Civil No-Contact Hearing Was a Prior Opportunity for Cross-Examination and Constituted an Implied Waiver of Confrontation Rights at Subsequent Criminal Trial

Remote Testimony by Lab Analysts Authorized in District Court Prosecutions – Even Without Defendants’ Consent

COVID-19 and the Use of Masks by Testifying Witnesses in Criminal Trials

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New NC Case on Testimonial Nature of Victim’s Statements to Officers

Summer Confrontation Clause Cases

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Does Crawford Apply in Pretrial Proceedings?

 Ohio v. Clark: What Does It Mean for Child Protective Services?

U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Child’s Statements to Teachers Are Non-Testimonial

US Supreme Court to Decide Whether Child’s Statements to Teacher Were Testimonial

With Cert Denials, Hope Fades for Clarification on Use of Substitute Analysts