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Failure to Allege, in an Application for a Search Warrant, that the Premises to Be Searched Is the Suspect’s Home

Drug Users, Drug Sellers, and Probable Cause

Probable Cause and Search Warrants for Cell Phones

State v. Lindsey:  Another Close Call on Probable Cause for DWI

Searches of Vehicles and Occupants Based on the Odor of Marijuana

HGN, the Rules of Evidence and Suppression Hearings

No Probable Cause to Search Vehicle Occupant Based Solely on Generalized Odor of Marijuana Emanating From Vehicle

The Statutory “Four Corners” Rule When Determining Probable Cause for a Search Warrant

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N.C. Court of Appeals Rules That Affidavit For Search Warrant to Search Residence Failed to Link Residence to Drug Activity That Had Occurred Elsewhere

Search Warrants for Suicide Scenes