Off to NCDOJ

After 12 years at the School of Government, I have accepted a position at the North Carolina Department of Justice. I’ll be leading the Special Prosecutions and Law Enforcement Section within the Criminal Division. I am looking forward to a new challenge and to the opportunity to work with wonderful new colleagues. At the same time, I am profoundly grateful for my time at the School of Government. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some parts of my work here that I have especially cherished.

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How Can We Improve This Blog?

It’s hard to believe, but this blog is almost ten years old. Google Analytics reports that thousands of people use the blog every day, and as far as we can tell, the community seems to be a great mix of citizens, officers, lawyers, magistrates, and judges. We sincerely appreciate everyone who reads the blog, and … Read more

School of Government Launches New Website

The School of Government has just launched a redesigned website. It’s better looking, plays well with mobile devices, and is driven more by searches than by click-through navigation. I’m sure it has plenty of kinks that we will need to work out but it is a major effort to revamp the website in accordance with current best practices and usage patterns.

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New Look and Feel for the Blog

This blog is more than five years old, has had over 3 million visitors, and is still growing. Until today, it has never had a redesign. Starting now, you’ll notice a new look and feel. It’s not a radical departure from the past, but it is a cleaner design, and it is optimized for mobile use. Perhaps … Read more

Blog Milestones

I just read this article, which cites a new study in support of the claim that “blogging is quickly becoming the thing that un-hip old people do.” Ouch! Apparently, hip young people think blogging is sooooo 2006, and they’ve moved on to social networking sites like Facebook. Of course, things move more slowly here in … Read more