New Look and Feel for the Blog

This blog is more than five years old, has had over 3 million visitors, and is still growing. Until today, it has never had a redesign.

Starting now, you’ll notice a new look and feel. It’s not a radical departure from the past, but it is a cleaner design, and it is optimized for mobile use. Perhaps the biggest change is one that won’t show up until tomorrow. As we add new posts going forward, the front page of the blog will display just one paragraph of each post, so that occasional visitors don’t have to scroll down to see whether any recent posts are of interest. The web design folks here tell me that’s the “best practice” for blogs these days, and I can see the advantages.

As always, we welcome your comments. Let us know how you like the new look. As the new structure rolls out, let us know how that works for you. The point of this blog is to serve the criminal justice community in North Carolina, so we are keenly interested in your feedback and your perspective. Here’s looking forward to the next five years!

1 thought on “New Look and Feel for the Blog”

  1. Very sleek new look to the blog. I never had a issue with the old look, but I can see the advantages of the updated appearance.

    When will you be adding the “scratch and sniff” feature?


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