School of Government Launches New Website

The School of Government has just launched a redesigned website. It’s better looking, plays well with mobile devices, and is driven more by searches than by click-through navigation. I’m sure it has plenty of kinks that we will need to work out but it is a major effort to revamp the website in accordance with current best practices and usage patterns.

The website is here. The closest analog to the old criminal law site is the “microsite” here. For those who want a little guidance on navigating the new site, an interactive video tutorial is here.

Feedback on the website would be very welcome. Although I’m not in charge of the website, you’re certainly welcome to send comments to me or to post them on the blog. I’ll make sure that they get to the right folks. Both positive and negative feedback are welcome, and we all appreciate your patience as we make this transition.

If you’re wondering what this means for the blog, the answer is not much. Blog posts will now turn up as results in searches conducted on the main School of Government site, but the blog will continue to function as a semi-autonomous outpost of the School’s web presence.

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