Blog Milestones

I just read this article, which cites a new study in support of the claim that “blogging is quickly becoming the thing that un-hip old people do.” Ouch! Apparently, hip young people think blogging is sooooo 2006, and they’ve moved on to social networking sites like Facebook. Of course, things move more slowly here in academia — home of many un-hip old people — where we are only starting to discuss the merits of blogging as scholarship.

Anyhow, all this, plus the fact that we just passed the first anniversary of this blog, led me to conclude that it would be worth a brief “state of the blog” post. In short, the blog has far exceeded even my highest hopes for it. It has grown enormously from its humble beginnings, recently passing 200,000 total hits. Last week was the busiest week ever, with over 10,000 hits, and last Monday was the busiest day ever, with over 2,000 hits. Despite being focused on a single state, our readership is now approaching or exceeding that of some very influential national legal blogs, like Sentencing Law and Policy, CrimProfBlog, and How Appealing. I hope that means that you find our efforts worthwhile.

Of course, we do not want to rest on our laurels — we want to continue improving the blog. Therefore, we’d like your feedback on our mix of topics, the length and frequency of our posts, the structure and organization of the blog, and anything else that you think we should know about. We won’t necessarily implement every suggestion, but I promise that we’ll consider each one carefully. As always, you can post a comment, or you can email me directly.

Thanks for being part of our virtual community.

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