Hey Prosecutors: There’s an App for That

Suppose you are a prosecutor and you want to subpoena a witness from another state to testify at an upcoming trial. How might you go about doing that? What forms do you use? Do you need some sort of certificate from a judge? Is the witness entitled to compensation? If so, how much? Can you pay in advance?

If you are getting ready for trial, all of these questions might occur to you, and you might wish there was a one-stop shop for an answer, given all the other items on your trial prep list. Guess what? There is!  It’s a new application called NC Prosecutors’ Resource Online (NC PRO) and you can find it here.  Just type “out of state witness” into the search box, and click on the entry titled “Securing Attendance of Witnesses.”  There you will find the answers to every question posed above and links to the relevant forms.

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