Smartphone App on Justice Reinvestment

In Jeff’s recent announcement of the new version of the ASSET smartphone app, he mentioned that we would release another app soon. I’m pleased to report that our second app, a handheld guide to sentencing and corrections after Justice Reinvestment, is available now. It was created primarily as a field reference for probation officers, but … Read more

Smartphone Search and Seizure App Update

Last year, I announced the debut of “the School of Government’s first smartphone app, a guide to the law of search and seizure called ASSET.” Over 4,000 people installed the app, and reviews termed it a “great resource” and “very useful.” New version. We have just finished a new version of the app. The new … Read more

Legal Apps

The School of Government is considering whether to enter the world of smartphone and tablet apps as a vehicle for conveying legal information. Given my love of gadgets, you can imagine how enthusiastic I am about this possibility! For example, we could develop an app that would serve as a mobile legal reference for law … Read more