Keeping a Good Thing Going:  New Book Available on Impaired Driving Laws

lawimpaireddriving2014The School of Government has been publishing reference books on motor vehicle law since 1947.  The twelfth iteration of a book on motor vehicle law and the law of impaired driving, written by Ben Loeb and Jim Drennan was published in 2000.  The book went out of print a few years ago, though you’ll find dog-eared copies of it in many offices, including mine.  I’m happy to report that a new book in this series now is available:  The Law of Impaired Driving and Related Implied Consent Offenses in North Carolina.

You can read more about the book and order your own copy here or by contacting the School of Government Bookstore Manager at 919.966.4120. The book describes the laws and procedure governing the criminal prosecution of impaired driving and other implied consent offenses. It contains a detailed discussion of the theory of implied consent, motions procedures in implied consent cases, sentencing for impaired driving, collateral licensure consequences of implied consent charges, and other relevant topics.  I wrote the book, and I welcome your comments and feedback.  Given the School’s long history of writing about motor vehicle laws and the ever-changing law itself, I’m sure this won’t be the last word on the topic.

The Administrative Office of the Courts recently purchased copies of this book and will distribute them to the following judicial officials:  (1) superior court judges; (2) district court judges; (3) district attorneys and assistant district attorneys; (4) public defenders and assistant public defenders; (5) clerks of superior court; (6) magistrates; and (7) appellate defenders and assistant appellate defenders.  Distribution will begin next week and should be complete by the end of January 2015.  If you have a question about AOC distribution to judicial personnel, please contact Joe Slate at 919-890-1532.

Keep in mind that the holidays are fast-approaching.  This book may be just the kind of affordable, creative, and useful gift you’ve been looking for.  And check out the bright cover.  Just dress it up with a little ribbon.  No wrapping required!

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