Do You Know How Fast You Were Driving?

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Recently, I blogged about limitations on a judge’s authority to enter a disposition of prayer for judgment continued in speeding cases depending upon the speeding charge. (You can read that post here.) The recent discussion regarding judgments in speeding cases begs the question of why specific speeds are part of the adjudication in the first place.

A person can violate the speed restrictions that apply on North Carolina roads in one of three ways: (1) by driving at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions ; (2) by exceeding maximum speed limits; or (3) by operating a vehicle at less than a minimum posted speed. See G.S. 20-141. Generally speaking, speeding is an infraction — a noncriminal violation of the law — punishable by a penalty of not more than $100. Driving on a highway at a speed of more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit or over 80 miles per hour, however, is a Class 2 misdemeanor, punishable by up to 60 days imprisonment, depending upon the person’s prior record level.

A plain reading of the statute reveals that charges involving the second variety of speeding (which is commonly referred to as exceeding the posted speed, though there is no requirement that the speed be posted unless it is higher or lower than the presumptive 35 mph inside municipal corporate limits or 55 mph outside municipal corporate limits) require only a determination of whether the person drove a vehicle on a highway in excess of the maximum speed limit by driving more than 15 mph or by driving more than 80 mph, in which case the person committed a misdemeanor criminal offense. Otherwise, the offense is an infraction.

But in many speeding cases involving charges of exceeding the maximum speed, both the charges and the determination of the person’s responsibility (in the case of an infraction) or guilt (in the case of a misdemeanor) is far more precise. The citation issued to a defendant often, but not always, specifies the rate of speed (and, indeed, may even specify the rate of speed registered by radar, which can be different from the speed “charged” on the citation). And, as noted in my earlier post, those charges may be changed by the district attorney before the case proceeds to trial. When a defendant pleads guilty to a speeding charge in which the specific speed is alleged, the defendant pleads not just to speeding but to driving a specific speed in a specific speed zone. In a bench trial in district court, the judge may find the defendant not responsible or not guilty of the charged offense or responsible or guilty of the charged offense or a lesser included offense. The infraction of exceeding the maximum speed is a lesser included offense of the misdemeanor. In addition, unless the speeding charged is speeding more than 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, a violation of G.S. 20-123.2, which prohibits driving a motor vehicle on a highway without a working speedometer, is a lesser included offense of speeding.

If a defendant is found guilty or responsible in district court for a violation of G.S. 20-141, the judge may find the defendant guilty or responsible not only for speeding but also for driving a particular speed, which, again, is a determination that may have collateral licensure and insurance consequences. The same holds true for the jury in superior court.

A judge may enter a prayer for judgment continued in a speeding case, subject to the limitations mentioned in the earlier post. The entry of a prayer for judgment prevents the conviction from being considered by DMV for license points and revocation purposes (until the third or subsequent prayer for judgment continued in a five-year period) and from resulting in the accumulation of points under North Carolina’s Safe Driver Incentive Plan.

It also bears mentioning that many speeding violations are waivable offenses. The Conference of Chief District Court Judges promulgates annually a list of traffic offenses for which magistrates and clerks of court may accept written appearances, waivers of trial, and pleas of guilty or admissions of responsibility. The traffic offense waiver list effective for offenses committed on or after December 1, 2008, is available here. Speeding is a waivable offense so long as the speed driven does not exceed 80 mph and is not more than 15 mph over the speed limit if the speed driven is over 55 mph. A person originally cited for a nonwaivable speeding offense may, upon the district attorney’s reduction of those charges to a waivable charge, dispose of those charges by waiving appearance and trial and pleading guilty or responsible to the magistrate or clerk and paying the applicable fine and costs.

45 comments on “Do You Know How Fast You Were Driving?

  1. i grew up in north carolina but now posess a florida drivers license.while visiting north carolina recently i received a speeding ticket for doing 80 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone.there is a factory recall on my vehicle for faulty guage cluster to include speedometer.all this can be documented.i could use some legal advice as to what my options are if anyone who might see this blog could be so kind as to help me.i have a mandatory court appearance but the officer couldnt tell me what my fine was and took great delight in informing me the judge could take my florida license if he wanted to.thanks for any feedback.GO HEELS.P.S. WATCH YOUR SPEED IN BRUNSWICK COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA BETWEEN WILMINGTON AND CALABASH OR YOU WILL END UP MAKING A CAR PAYMENT ON ONE OF THOSE MANY NEW SHINY DODGE CHARGER CHASE CARS THAT BELONG TO THE SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT.I GUESS PROGRESS DOES HAVE A PRICE AND ITS BEING PAID IN FULL AT A HANDSOME PROFIT BY THE SAME HARD WORKING PEOPLE WHO MAKE THIS GREAT COUNTRY WHAT IT IS.MAYBE ONE DAY WE CAN TURN THE TABLES AND FORCE THESE BANDITS TO GET A REAL JOB.

    • Hey, i also recently got a ticket for speeding 87 on 65 in NC. I was driving back to florida and got a citation with a court date, would you please advice me how you solved your case and how much it costed you entirely? Thanks

      • Hey what ever happened to the case? I’m on the same boat.

    • Maybe you should just do the responsible thing and follow the speed limit; you were the one operating the vehicle, you were at fault.

      Just like it’s your responsibility to ensure the upkeep of your vehicle.

      Blaming law enforcement for your own actions is childish.

  2. i am navy sailor who was heading home from deployment to see my family, i was unaware that i had exceeded the speed limit(88mile) till the officer told me. i have a summons to appear in court. i would like some advise as to what will transpire when i appear in court. email:

    • I just sent a reply/question to your post concerning speeding ticket in NC. My 22 yr old daughter is in the same situation. What was your outcome? Any advise for my daughter?

      • They can take DL fr what I’ve read but it sounds like it’s really up to the judge and prior record history . I wish y’all luck
        . Also $100 court cost . I think the best thing to do is hire a lawyer and get the ticket reduced .

  3. My daughter received a NC ticket for 90 in a 65. How does one get in touch with district attorney in hopes that it can be reduced from non-waiveable to waiveable so that she can pay fine and not go to court? Is this the best plan of action? She is 19, from SC and has no prior violations. Thank you. Please send response to my email also.

    • i was pulled over going 90 in a 65 today in NC, i live in NJ and was dropping my sister off at college. Were you able to any info on how to just pay a fine and not have to go to court because its a 7 hour drive for me an i would have to take 2 days off of work. Any help would be much appreciated.

      • I’d like to know,too. I live in MD and got a ticket yesterday ,heading home thru Wilmington and he clocked me @88 in 70. Did you ever find out if its possible to pay without appearing? The trooper told me that I have to appear because its a class 2 misdemeanor. Or I can get a lawyer to represent me. Represent me in my absence, or in my presence? Please help, I’m freaking out 🙁

      • May I ask you what you did for your situation I am in the same boat currently and I’m gulf shores Alabama? 12 hour ride I never got a speeding tickets and I was headed to work in a company truck going 83 in a 55

        • You can have an attorney represent you in your absence. The rate of speed can be reduced down if the judge decides to do that but either you or an attorney must be present to dispute this ticket because it exceeds the posted speed limit by more than 15 mph.

      • Hire a lawyer anytime you dealing with NC

  4. I recieved a speeding ticket from a mp who stated he clocked me doing 71 in a 45, not the speed limit had just changed from 55 to 45. Anyways he sayed he cloecked me in doing 71 in a 45 about a mile outside of post, now there is no way I could have been going that fast I had just entereed the freeway to get on to post and it is about a mile to post. Can a mp write me a ticket out side of ft. Bragg

  5. A cop gave me a ticket for 100 in a 65 he did not have me on radar Or anything I had my cruise control set at 74 and when he pulled me over I showed him that on my dash He Sid he was pacing me but he was never behind me my daughter called him a liar and that made him mad


      • pacing is entirely accurate; the officers establish a speed at which they are not gaining or losing distance from the violator, check their speedometer to verify their speed, then close the gap. It is easily done in just seconds; think about it when you’re on the highway and are gaining on a car in front of you, you quickly and easily match their speed to avoid a collision.

  6. Hello,

    I live in North Carolina. I am 26 years old. I got a citation today for driving 83 mph in a 65 mph zone. This is my first time being stopped for speeding. However in February 2013 I did receive a failure to yield right of way. That case was dismissed though. Will that still have an effect on my case for speeding? Is it possible to get the nonwaivable misdemeanor reduced to a waivable?

  7. I just received a speeding ticket in NC going 91 in a 70 on the highway. The State trooper said it was a mandatory court appearance and there was no fine information included on the ticket. I need some advise on this, I have received a ticket in almost 10 yrs and that one was in another state. Is there anyway I can just hire a lawyer and not need to appear?

    • Due to the speed it’s a non-waivable offense, so you, or your representative (lawyer) have to appear in court. If the speed were lower you’d have been able to admit guilt or responsibility and just mail in a check to pay the fine, but due to the speed someone needs to show up. You are gonna get plenty of junk in the mail from lawyers, pick one and go with it if that’s what you want to do instead of going to court yourself 🙂

    • Hey can you let me know how things worked out for you. I’m in the same boat got caught doing 90 in a 60 mph zone. Any advice would be much appreciated
      Thanks again I’m freaking out

  8. Hey Bri,
    Did you get you case solved. I got ticket at I-77 for going 87mph at 65mph. What was the hearing from the court? Will it be a misdemeanor or reckless driving?


  9. Hi I got a ticket for driving 87 mph on a 65 mph any body with the same problem? Can you please let me know how it worked for you

  10. I have been driving for 50 years , and have never gotten a moving violation or caused an accident because I adhere to the posted speed limits , signal before turning or changing lanes , fully stop at stop signs and so forth . I cannot afford the penalties and insurance costs as well as wanting to be safe so I leave early for appointments and give the cops no excuse for stopping me . Anyone who cannot tell they are going 20 mph over the limit should not be driving at all . Anyone who intentionally speeds deserves the inconvenience and costs . Don’t whine , just pay up.

  11. i was going 71 in a 45 about how much would y ticket be i didnt have a price on the ticket i only had my court date. can i pay it off before the court date ?

  12. Hello, I just received an 88 in a 50 mph zone ticket. I just needed to know what is the best way to approach this situation. 19 with a Ford Mustang, also was in a hurry to get my friend to a golf match. It was Sunday at 8:45 in the morning and there was no traffic and no cloud cover. My email is
    Thank you- Victor #gopirates

    • Youre gonna get a ton of mail from lawyers, my advice, hire one to save you the points on your insurance. Most companies don’t look too kindly on almost double the speed limit.

  13. My daughter received a speeding ticket for doing 77 in a 55. This was on her way home from college on the 74 corridor where the speed drops down from 70 to 55. Several cars were pulled over with her in the middle. What is her best change?

  14. I was charged for speeding 88 on 70mph highway. First time ever being pulled over I live in Boston, do I have to hire a lawyer in North Carolina to represent me in court? Or can I hire one from Boston and some how do it over the phone? I just don’t want to go all the way to North Carolina for court hearing. What is the best way to approach this? Please help.

  15. I got a ticket in July 2007 going 115 in a 55 mph zone. I went to appear before the court before the court date was supposed to occur, and the judge fined me $100 and court fees. When I came back from deployment, I got a year long suspension (August 2007- August 2008) from driving in the state of North Carolina. Once I got my South Carolina license renewed, I found out I’m apparently on hold in NC because of that ticket from so long ago. I have no idea what’s going with that, and I’m not sure how to clear it up. I tried calling the NC DMV and just kept getting transferred until I couldn’t wait anymore and had to go back to work. Is there any way to clear this up?

  16. I recently received a ticked in Anson county coming home from the beach. The ticket is for 85 in a 55. I have one prior speeding ticket that was reduced to improper equipment and no points on my licence. I’m terrified I’ll loose my licence and I have no clue how to proceed

  17. My husband was test driving a car with a clutch problem (he’s a mechanic) – he shifted into 4th and the clutch stuck and he leaned down to unstick it and got pulled over for 70 in a 50. Seriously this happened within a 1/4 mile of his shop. He wasn’t intentionally speeding. So it’s a class 3 misdemeanor from what I’ve read. The owner of the dealership where he works gave his lawyer my husband’s ticket and talked about trying to get it reduced, however we haven’t heard anything about it and when he asks they tell him it’s being taken care of but court is Monday, we haven’t seen or signed any papers yet or paid anyone, and he’s going to make them tell him something today, but I’m getting worried. He has 5 or more felony and misdemeanor convictions in another state but they’re over 10 years old. Will those convictions be considered in the “prior convictions” used to determine the penalty he gets? Can he ask for a Prayer for Judgement continued if we end up going to court Monday with no lawyer?

  18. I got an 80 in a 55 in Durham County NC, rushing to a dialysis appointment where my dialysis time is reduced by the amount of time I am late, so, I was concerned for my health. Is this ANY help in getting the ticket adjusted or reduced?
    Since “Prayer for Judgement Continued” is allowed up to 25 over the speed limit (and this was JUST 25 over), would that be my best move? Is “Improper Equipment” a possible reduction move? I have NO tickets, points or accidents on my record in ANY jurisdiction in 45 years of driving. Now that I see that it is NOT a workable strategy to speed to dialysis, I won’t be speeding any more, and I could make a PJC work, but “Improper Equipment” could also help me avoid DMV and Insurance points. Whats my best option? Should I hire a lawyer? BTW, it was a clear day in open, farm country, light traffic, no work or school zone. He also gave me a “Warning Ticket” for “Other Non-Hazardous Violation” (Lane Change). He claimed I was “weaving,” but I explained I was just maneuvering to make a safe pass of the slower cars ahead of me, and that, at NO TIME was the vehicle out of control. Well that “warning” have any bearing on the speeding ticket?Also, how do you approach getting what you want to actually HAPPEN? Just ask them? Or, let the ADA suggest it to ME?

  19. I was heading to work on the highway that said 65, I didn’t notice that i was driving at 86m/h. I am 18 and a college student. I don’t know what to do, should i seek legal help and how can avoid court since i live in school and the court i have to attend to is 6 hours away which is back home.

  20. I recently received A ticket for driving 97 in a 65, and due to the speed I have to appear. Do you have any information that could help me with this situation?

    • Can you please reply and tell me what happened? I’m terrified right now.

  21. what do i do if i am 18 and got my first speeding ticket in nc 79mph over 55 and i dont even think i was going 79 he was on the oppsite side of me and i was coming up a hill.

  22. From what I have experienced is that if you dont drive fast you wont have to argue your case in court. Last ticket I got was for speeding 66 in a 55 zone. Most of the other tickets in court were for higher speeds, like 15 over the speed limit. From what I gathered the problem is that most people just dont watch their speed or are in a hurry and dont care. I heard excuse after excuse and the judge didnt want to hear it. My suggestion is dont be in the left lane and just ride with traffic and not faster. Most of the people that had lawyers or asked for prayer for judgement got a reduced fine or got the PFJ. Also dont speed and you wont get a ticket is what I took from the experience.

  23. Good luck. my son-in-law got an 83 in a 65 and got his license suspended for 6 months with no prior convictions.

  24. Yesterday I was pulled over by an MP for going 75mph in a 55mph zone. This was on a part of Ft. Bragg by All American Trail that is open to civillians. Mandatory Court was marked on the ticket, no date set, he said they would mail it. I have never been to court for anything.

    As a side note, I feel like I am going to get charged with more. I moved here about 6 months ago, but the only thing I have been able to to get is my NC drivers license. Going by my dad’s advice, he said not to bring up anything about my plate and registration being from out of state because right now, we don’t have the title for my car, the bank does. This has been an awful transition process and I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about it, now I’m gonna have to appear in court.

  25. Hello, so this is my first official infraction. (I got a written warning a couple years ago for speeding though). I received a ticket for doing 79 in a 60 on the highway, and I believe I have to go to court for it. What is your advice on this? I read somewhere that you can get a “reduction” for how fast you were going, but I’m not entirely sure how that works either.

    • Hi Adam, I just read your qn, however I’m in the same situation. I was cited today for driving 17mph over. How did you resolve your situation? A little advice would help thanks

  26. Hi I got a ticket for 82 in 65. I had a ticket around 7 yrs ago that was reduced to improper equipment. What is the most likely fine and or penalty when I go to court. I also loved on VA when younger and had a speeding ticket there as a teenager. What do you think is the best option for me.

  27. Hi, I just received a ticket after exiting off I-85 and ran straight into a 45mph zone. I am a SC Resident, but have lived and schooled in Charlotte. The officer said he got me going 61mph in 45 mph. When the officer took my license and registration and returned them, he said he reduced it to 9 mph over. So 54 in 45. I’m planning to go to the court, not to necessarily fight it, but see what happens. I have a clean record and drive 40+K miles a year. What should I expect? Please send your reply to my email or share it.

  28. i got pulled over right outside of fort bragg by mp’s Somebody was going under the speed limit of 55 on manchester road, and i drive a station wagon, so i cant accelerate well on flat ground, waited till i was on top of a hill in a passing zone, drove passed the car, and turned back into my lane right as the passing zone ended. Military police were coming in the opposite direction, clocked me going 78 in a 55. i slowed down to the speed limit after passing and they turned around and pulled me over, and gave me a ticket for passing in a no passing zone and speeding.

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