Updated Chapters in Superior Court Judges’ Benchbook

I’m writing this week to let readers know that several chapters in the criminal law section of the Superior Court Judges’ Benchbook, a resource created and formerly edited by my colleague Jessica Smith, have been updated. The chapters are written to guide the work of superior court judges, but are nevertheless useful for all criminal law practitioners. All of the criminal law chapters are available here, and the title entries for those that have been recently updated contain a parenthetical notation to that effect. Those chapters are:

Pretrial Release

Jury Selection

Pleas and Plea Negotiations

Habeas Corpus

Motions for Appropriate Relief

Post-Conviction DNA Testing, and

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel.

Christopher Tyner, a research attorney for the School, updated these chapters and will continue to update other entries in the on-line manual. I have taken over editing duties, so if you have comments, suggestions, or concerns about the Benchbook, please reach out to me at

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