Sentencing Whiteboard: How Class F-I Felony Sentences Are Served

These days, you can find an online instructional video for pretty much anything. Cooking techniques, auto repair, differential calculus. Why not criminal sentencing? Today’s post is my first attempt at a microlecture on a discrete sentencing topic: Understanding how minimum and maximum sentences work for Class F–I felonies. You can view the video here. I’ll … Read more

Video Blog Post: Unstructured Sentencing

It’s been over two years since I recorded my first video blog post. With the help of School of Government multimedia developer Jamar Jones, I prepared another one for today. In it, I try to show how Structured Sentencing is not very structured for many defendants—especially when multiple convictions are sentenced together. I hope you’ll … Read more

Video Blog Post: The Year Ahead in Sentencing and Corrections

We’re trying something novel today. Jamie Markham has prepared our first video blog post, in which he highlights sentencing and corrections stories to follow in 2011. It includes a discussion of sex offender laws, the Bowden life-sentenced inmates, and several other important issues, so please check it out. And let us know what you think … Read more