Two New Publications, and a Big One Coming up

My colleague John Rubin recently completed two new papers that may be useful to you. The first is 2009 Legislation Affecting Criminal Law and Procedure. The name pretty much says it all — it summarizes what the General Assembly did last session regarding criminal law. The paper is available free of charge here. The second … Read more

New Publication Regarding Sexual Assault Cases

From time to time, a judge, prosecutor, or defense attorney will call the School of Government asking about the law of sexual assualts in, say, 1968. Typically, the caller will be handling a case involving recent allegations of sexual abuse by a person who is now an adult but who was a child at the … Read more

Crimmigration Resource

With almost 7% of North Carolina’s population now being foreign-born, it has become increasingly important for criminal lawyers on both sides to understand the interplay between criminal law and immigration law.  The relationship between the two bodies of law is most important in cases involving immigrant defendants who are neither citizens (citizens, generally, cannot lose … Read more