Two New Publications, and a Big One Coming up

My colleague John Rubin recently completed two new papers that may be useful to you.

The first is 2009 Legislation Affecting Criminal Law and Procedure. The name pretty much says it all — it summarizes what the General Assembly did last session regarding criminal law. The paper is available free of charge here.

The second is the Expunction Guide. Again, the title describes the paper. It discusses different types of expunctions, the requirements for each, and the impact of the fairly extensive 2009 legislative changes in this area. It’s also free, and available here.

My colleague Jessie Smith is preparing to start work on the seventh edition of North Carolina Crimes — the current sixth edition of this indispensable bestseller is available here, but be aware that there’s an annual supplement — and would like to hear from you if you have suggestions for improving the book. All ideas are welcome, from structural to aesthetic, and from “I wish it included this” to “I hope you eliminate that.” I’ve already offered a suggestion or two myself. You can provide your feedback by posting a comment, or by contacting Jessie directly. Her contact information is here.