Is It Illegal to Make Pornography in North Carolina?

Lawyers Weekly ran a brief article a couple of months ago about the above question. The article is here, behind a paywall. What follows is my own analysis of the issue. Obscenity. The first issue, and the only one addressed by Lawyers’ Weekly, is whether making pornographic movies would violate the obscenity statutes. Specifically, G.S. … Read more


NC Prostitution Changes

2013 NC legislation, S.L. 2013-368, overhauled the state’s prostitution offenses. It repealed G.S. 14‑190.18 (promoting prostitution of minor), 14‑190.19 (participating in prostitution of minor), 14‑204.1 (loitering for prostitution), 14‑205 (prosecution of offenses), 14‑207 (degrees of guilt), and 14‑208 (punishment). Additionally it rewrote every other provision in Ch. 14 Article 27 save one (only G.S. 14-206 … Read more