Lessons Learned on Vacation: 2016 Edition

Memorial Day weekend isn’t technically the beginning of summer, but it feels like it. Temperatures rise and many families head east toward water on Friday afternoons. That’s what my family did last Friday. Given that I try to stay reasonably informed about the law and I read my local paper, I thought I was well prepared to keep all of us on the beach and out of the slammer through the course of the weekend.

It turns out that there are a lot of rules that responsible adults and parents can break on vacation.  I’m not just talking about bedtime rules and no-ice-cream-before-dinner rules.  I’m talking about the criminal kind—the ones that can land you in jail or at least in a district court down east on a hot Monday morning.  I’ve written about a few of these rules before.  And this recent article in the News and Observer put everyone on notice that children under 16 cannot drive golf carts.  But I’ve recently learned a new rule: You cannot have a mixed drink on the beach.

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