Quick Reference Guide to Orders from the Chief Justice and the North Carolina Supreme Court Related to COVID-19

[This post originally appeared on the School of Government’s civil law blog.]

Since the start of the pandemic, the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court and the North Carolina Supreme Court have issued a number of directives impacting the court system.  Instead of doing a heavy substantive post today, I thought I would share a quick reference chart I’ve been using to keep track of these directives, their effect based on the most recent order issued, the dates of the order containing each directive, and their expiration date.

This chart is by no means intended to be a substitute for the orders.  Please read the full text of the orders for guidance. The full text of the orders along with all of the other COVID-19 judicial branch updates may be found at https://www.nccourts.gov/covid-19.

The chart does not include executive orders issued by the Governor related to the pandemic.  Those are available here.  It also does not include state legislation from the General Assembly, including two key pandemic-related session laws, Session Law 2020-3 and Session Law 2020-4, or related federal legislation, such as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”)

To access the chart, click here.