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As the Associated press reports, last week United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced a new policy regarding immigration arrests at courthouses.  The policy appears to suggest that ICE primarily will enter courthouses to arrest specific “targeted aliens” who have criminal convictions, are gang members, pose a threat to public safety, have been ordered removed from the United States, or have illegally re-entered the country after being removed.  The policy says that aliens encountered in the process of making an arrest of a targeted person, such as the target’s family members or friends, will not be arrested “absent special circumstances.”  Keep reading for more news.

Bradsher Motions.  There were new developments in the district attorney wife swap saga this week, with former Person-Caswell District Attorney Wallace Bradsher arguing in a motions hearing that Wake Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway should recuse himself.  Bradsher argued that there was a possibility that Ridgeway would be called as a character witness in the criminal case or an associated civil case, and also argued that Ridgeway has a close relationship with Wake District Attorney Lorrin Freeman.  Freeman at one time was prosecuting the case and Bradsher has accused her of prosecutorial misconduct.  Ridgeway declined to recuse himself.

Keith Resigns.  Former Forsyth County District Attorney Tom Keith announced Friday that he will resign from serving as the interim Rockingham County District Attorney, a position he took after Craig Blitzer resigned due to his involvement in the wife swap saga.  Keith told the Greensboro News & Record that he was resigning because of a disagreement with the Administrative Office of the Court regarding reimbursement or use of a state car for his travel from his home in Forsyth County to Rockingham.

Buchanan Resigns.  Last year the News Roundup noted that Ashe County Sheriff Terry Buchanan had been indicted on criminal charges arising from alleged efforts to prevent county employees from complying with a public records request for his emails, text messages, and other communications.  The Winston-Salem Journal reports that those criminal charges have been dropped as part of an agreement that Buchanan resign and release claims against the county.

Manager Tackles.  It’s not a good idea to attempt armed robbery anywhere, but WRAL reports that it’s a particularly bad idea at a CVS in Cary.  When a man in a mask pointed a gun at a cashier at the store and demanded money, an assistant manager emerged to firmly explain to the robber that he would have to allow cashiers and customers to leave the store before any money would be handed over.  When the robber balked at this arrangement, the manager tackled and disarmed him while a witness called 911.  Two suspects now are in custody.

Deputy Robs.  Again, it’s not a good idea to attempt armed robbery under any circumstance, but it’s a particularly bad idea when you’re a Davidson County Sheriff’s Deputy.  The Lexington Dispatch reports that Sheriff David Grice was “as shocked and appalled as anyone else” to learn that Deputy Jeffrey Athey allegedly stole $1,000 from F&M Bank in an armed robbery on Tuesday afternoon.  Athey, who had been scheduled to work later that day, was immediately terminated from the Sheriff’s Office.

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