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An Officer’s Reasonable Mistake of Law and Recent Court of Appeals Ruling

North Carolina Court of Appeals Rules That Statutory Exclusionary Rule Does Not Bar Admission of Evidence Seized Pursuant to a Search Warrant Based on Allegedly Vague and Inaccurate Inventory of Seized Items

North Carolina Court of Appeals Finds Exigent Circumstances to Enter Home Without a Warrant to Conduct Protective Sweep for Officer Safety and to Prevent Destruction of Evidence

No Probable Cause to Search Vehicle Occupant Based Solely on Generalized Odor of Marijuana Emanating From Vehicle

Court of Appeals Rules That Probationer Was Not in Custody When Handcuffed for Safety Reasons

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Pole Camera Surveillance Under the Fourth Amendment

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The Statutory “Four Corners” Rule When Determining Probable Cause for a Search Warrant

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New North Carolina Appellate Cases on the Meaning of Custody Under Miranda v. Arizona

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The Meaning of Custody During Traffic Stops Under Miranda v. Arizona and Berkemer v. McCarty

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Court of Appeals Rules That Officer Had Reasonable Suspicion to Extend Traffic Stop

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