Welcome, Phil Dixon

I want to kick off 2017 by welcoming the School of Government’s new Defender Educator, Phillip R. Dixon Jr. Today is his first day on the job. You can already reach him at and 919.966.4248.

Like his predecessor Alyson Grine, Phil will be responsible for developing criminal law training for indigent defense attorneys, writing practice guides and manuals, and sharing his knowledge through teaching and consulting. Expect his byline on this blog soon.

With Phil’s help, we will continue to offer our array of programs and resources, shown here, which gives me a chance to put in a plug for our annual training for new felony defenders on April 3 through 5 this year (registration to open soon). As with others who have joined the School, Phil will have the opportunity to pursue his own educational and research interests to assist criminal justice practitioners. Please let him know your priorities and the issues you’re seeing.

Phil brings valuable North Carolina criminal law experience to the job. For the past eight years, he has practiced law in Greenville, North Carolina, where he defended criminal cases from misdemeanors to serious felonies. He also represented respondents in other indigent defense practice areas, including juvenile delinquency proceedings. As the School has expanded training opportunities for contract attorneys and private assigned counsel representing indigent defendants, Phil has taught sessions at our regional and annual training programs.

We are fortunate to have Phil join the School and devote his talents to indigent defense education in North Carolina.

5 thoughts on “Welcome, Phil Dixon”

  1. Congratulations to Phil. He is a talented colleague and close friend, and Pitt County’s loss is the School of Government’s gain.


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