Welcome, Daniel Spiegel!

It is my pleasure to announce that Daniel “Danny” Spiegel has joined the Courts Group faculty here at the School of Government as an expert in criminal law. We are thrilled to have him as a part of the team. Danny’s work will primarily focus on defender issues, but he will also teach and advise judicial officials and other court system actors. I expect Danny will soon be a regular voice on the blog and presenter at SOG trainings. Please join me in giving Danny a warm welcome to the SOG!

Danny is a longtime criminal practitioner with experience on both sides of the aisle, giving him a unique perspective on the practical issues facing attorneys and others working in the field. He was an assistant district attorney in Durham for the past five years. Before that, Danny spent around three and half years working as an assistant appellate defender in Durham, where he handled, among other matters, the Turner/Curtis cases dealing with the misdemeanor statute of limitations, and several years as an assistant public defender in Hoke and Mecklenburg counties. Danny also was senior legal counsel with the Fair Punishment Project.

Danny graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School and holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Johns Hopkins University. He also holds a master’s degree in piano performance from Juilliard and a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins! He spent time making a living as a classical concert pianist before turning towards the law, and he continues to perform piano with local musicians when he’s not busy contemplating legal issues. Danny’s other hobbies include coaching youth soccer.

Today is only Danny’s third day at work, but he is eager to begin writing, teaching, and advising defenders and others within the court system. If you want to shoot him a welcome email or have a legal question for him, please feel free to reach out. His email is, and his phone number is 919-966-4377.