Valuing the School of Government

As regular readers know, I am in London for the fall semester as part of a more traditional academic program. I am happy to report that the tradition includes a fall break midway through the semester! By the time you read this, I will be taking in the beautiful vistas in some warm and sunny land (though still taking in some law at this ancient hall of justice).

Ordinarily, faculty and staff at the School of Government don’t get a fall break (or a spring break or a summer break). They are available to you, if not 24/7, then 30 to 31/12 (30 to 31 days, except February, and 12 months a year, except holidays and vacations).

I’m not suggesting that traditional academic work isn’t demanding. In the short time I’ve been here, I have gained a deeper appreciation of the demands of the work. But, I want to recognize the dedication and hard work of my School of Government colleagues, who have assisted countless people around North Carolina through consulting, teaching, research and writing, events, blogs, electronic resources, and countless other projects. I also know that without them, I could not do my work at the School or take advantage of this opportunity. I am grateful.


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