Updated Sex Offender Registration & Monitoring Flow Chart

Some time ago I prepared a flow chart that included all the information about sex offender registration and monitoring I could reasonably (or maybe even slightly unreasonably) cram onto one page. My goal was to create an at-a-glance reference tool that included all the effective dates—crucial for applying the law properly—that appear in the patchwork of session laws underlying this regime, but not in the General Statutes themselves.

Well, I finally got around to updating the chart to incorporate what we learned from State v. Wooten (discussed here, long ago in the blog’s fabled incipiency). The new version of the chart is available here. As I’ve mentioned before there are a number of cases pending before the court of appeals that will likely address some of the law’s ambiguities and undecided issues. I’ll update the chart accordingly as those cases are decided.

By the way, my colleague John Rubin has an excellent paper, available here, that treats these issues in much greater detail than is possible on a single page.

I welcome your thoughts on the substance and format of the chart and how it might be improved.