Technical Glitch re Email Subscription

If you signed up to receive email notifications of new posts — which you can do in the right-hand column on the front page of the blog — you may have noticed an interruption in service recently. I apologize for that. We had a technical glitch of some kind that removed all our subscribers.

Thanks to the hard work of the IT folks here at the School of Government, we’ve now restored the list of subscribers from a backup. That should solve the problem for most folks. If you noticed the interruption and signed up again in the last few days, you might now be on the list twice, though we tried to remove duplicate names. If you get two notifications about this post, let me know and we’ll fix that. If you signed up for email notification for the first time after the backup that we used to repopulate the list of subscribers, you might not be on the list. You can fix that by signing up again.

Again, I’m sorry for any inconvenience this technical problem may have caused.

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