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Extending Traffic Stops to Wait for Other Officers

Myers McNeill and What Happens When Reasonable Suspicion Dissipates

Supreme Court of North Carolina: Officer Did Not Improperly Extend a Traffic Stop by Frisking a Driver and Ordering the Driver into a Patrol Car

May an Officer Run a Motorist’s Criminal Record During a Traffic Stop?

Body-Camera Footage Leads to Plain Error Reversal in State v. Miller

Ordering Occupants Out of Their Vehicles — And into Officers’ Cruisers

Post-Rodriguez North Carolina Appellate Cases at a Glance

Court of Appeals Rules That Officer Had Reasonable Suspicion to Extend Traffic Stop

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Court of Appeals Finds Extension of Traffic Stop Unsupported by Reasonable Suspicion

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North Carolina Supreme Court Affirms Post-Rodriguez Court of Appeals Ruling in State v. Warren

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