Sentencing Whiteboard: Extending Probation

Today’s post is a video explaining the rules for extending probation in North Carolina. It covers the two different types of extensions, and answers the question of how many times a case may be extended, and for how long. I hope you’ll take a look.

Other videos in the Whiteboard series are available here.

4 comments on “Sentencing Whiteboard: Extending Probation

  1. I really enjoy this whiteboard, the explanations are simple and easier to understand.

  2. Jamie, regarding Original extensions…do those extensions need to involve a hearing before the court or can a probation officer have the judge sign a modification extending probation in chambers?

    • What does “notice and hearing” mean in regard to the ordinary extension? Does one need to be returned to court in order to receive an extension? Or motion the court? Can offender consent to an ordinary extension? If so, why does it say “notice and hearing?”

  3. […] order whether an extension is an ordinary or special purpose extension (a distinction discussed here). Often the box next to the “1.” is checked without any further selection of option “a.” or […]