Sentencing Whiteboard: Advanced Supervised Release

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Advanced Supervised Release was created in 2011. Today’s post is a video that explains who is eligible for ASR, how to calculate an ASR date, how to fill out an ASR judgment, and what the law means for the defendant as a practical matter.

ASR doesn’t get used very often—around 70 times statewide in Fiscal Year 2013/14, maybe a little more if you count individual defendants subject to multiple sentences—and usage varies around the state. Some prosecutorial districts use it occasionally, while others don’t use it at all. At the statewide level, the Conference of District Attorneys recommended that it be eliminated.

The video focuses on eligibility and administration and does not describe the type of risk reduction incentives that inmates must complete to be released on their ASR date. Prison policy provides a little bit more information about that.

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