Sentencing App Update

It has been a little over a year since we announced the availability of the School of Government’s mobile app for Structured Sentencing. The app has been downloaded over one thousand times, and feedback is generally positive. Some upgrades and improvements are underway.

First, if you don’t already have it, the app is available for iPhone and iPad here and for Android devices here. All versions are free.

Second, I am aware that the app is not working on certain Android devices running the Lollipop operating system—a collection of words I wouldn’t have imagined writing ten years ago. A fix is in the works and should be available soon. Thank you to those of you who let me know about that.

In addition to that technical issue, we are making some substantive improvements to the app.  The biggest change is that I am working with Shea to add a calculator for impaired driving sentences. The new DWI process will determine an appropriate sentence for any level of DWI punishment, and then tell you what that sentence means in terms of parole eligibility and actual time likely to be served.

Other changes include a new feature that will apply the single sentence rule to help you determine the aggregate maximum sentence for a string of consecutive felonies, updates to reflect legislative changes to various offense classifications, and some general streamlining of the user interface that I hope will speed things up for a run-of-the-mill case.

Please let me know if you have other suggestions for ways to make the app more useful in your work.

Finally, allow me once again to express my gratitude to the C. Felix Harvey family for their generous support of this project. Thank you!