Podcast Update: Episode 3 Now Available

The moment you have been anticipating has finally arrived! No, not the start of the Olympics, but the release of Episode 3 of our podcast, Beyond the Bench. It is now available on our podcast website and in the Apple and Android podcast stores.

The episode features an interview with Superior Court Judge Carl Fox. Many readers will know that Judge Fox spent a year away from the bench while battling blood cancer. He recently returned to work, receiving a standing ovation from those present in the courtroom. In our interview, we talk a bit about his health, but also address his professional path and his view of some of the current controversies in criminal law. Among other interesting things, we discuss his early plans to be a corporate lawyer, his service as the first African-American district attorney in the state, and his love of nice cars. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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