“Office Hours” This Week

This Thursday at lunchtime (12:30 to 1:30) we will host our monthly “office hours” conference call. Shea Denning, Phil Dixon, and I will discuss recent developments in criminal law and will do our best to answer listeners’ questions. The event seems to be building an audience, and this month, we’d like to invite folks to submit questions or topic suggestions in advance, by posting a comment to this blog post or by email as described below. We will continue taking live questions on the call as well.

I suspect we’ll find time to talk about electronic surveillance. There’s a new out-of-state opinion about Stingrays and the Fourth Amendment, and the Supreme Court is getting ready to hear a major case about cell phone tracking. We’ll bring some other topics to the table, too, but as usual, we’ll let listeners drive the direction of the call. Read on for more details.

What is it? This monthly informal and interactive conference call offers judicial officials and other court actors the opportunity to talk directly with a variety of Judicial College faculty and staff members about developments in criminal law. The format is more conversation than lecture and there is no pre-set agenda. You call in and also log in via computer to be able to submit questions and receive messages from the presenters via a “chat” feature.

How do I join? What does it cost? There’s no need to register in advance, and there’s no cost. Just follow the log in instructions below.

Is there a limit to the number of participants? Yes, but we haven’t approached capacity yet. If we do and you are unable to join the call as a result, please email Elizabeth Watkins Price at watkinsprice@sog.unc.edu after the event to receive a recording of the audio.

How do I ask questions? You may submit questions in advance by commenting on this blog post, by emailing any of the presenters, or by emailing Elizabeth Watkins Price at watkinsprice@sog.unc.edu. During the call, you may submit questions through the chat feature. If you’re willing, we may put you “on the air” to ask your question live! 

Do I get CLE/CJE credit? No. This is purely for your professional development and love of learning.

Log in details:

  1. Launch the web conference
  2. Enter your name (if watching with a group please add WITH GROUP), your email address, and your jurisdiction in the “Company” space.
  3. Select “Join”.
  4. Click on the link to join the audio conference (we recommend that you use a landline phone instead of a cell phone):
    • Option A: Select “Please call me” and enter the phone number where you are or
    • Option B: Select “I’m already dialed in” and then dial 1-800-920-7487 and enter 9136501# (don’t forget the #) at the prompt. On your screen you will have a synchronization code that you will enter.
  5. If you have a question or want to make a comment, select the chat bubble and enter your question. If you have asked to speak, the faculty/staff host(s) may unmute your phone line and allow you to ask your question “on the air.”

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