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An attack in San Jose on Wednesday that left 10 people dead now is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the California Bay Area.  The San Jose Mercury News reports that Samuel Cassidy fired nearly 40 rounds while killing coworkers at a Valley Transit Authority light rail facility.  Keep reading for more news.

Sheriff Investigation.  WGHP reports that Randolph County Sheriff Greg Seabolt is being investigated by the SBI at the request of District Attorney Andy Gregson.  The investigation reportedly is focused on allegations that Seabolt misused his position and authority.

Lock Malfunction.  The McDowell News reports that locks at the Burke County Detention Center malfunctioned on Wednesday while firefighters were trying to access the facility to investigate reports of a smell of smoke.  Around the same time the smoke was detected, electronic locks at the facility started to fail and attempts to use manual override keys were unsuccessful.  Firefighters eventually gained access to the jail and inmates were moved to cells with working locks.

Virtual Courts.  ABC 11 reports that District Court Judge Julius Corpening showed off new technology in a New Hanover County courtroom that drastically improves the quality of remote proceedings.  The new system uses high quality cameras, displays, and microphones and is a pilot project for deployment across the state as Chief Justice Paul Newby secured funding through the Cares Act for at least one system in every county.

New Bodycams.  WLOS reports that Asheville Police Department officers soon will be wearing upgraded body cameras.  The new cameras apparently have a host of upgrades, including being easier to wear because the battery and camera are integrated into one unit.

Bodycam Footage.  WLOS reports that a superior court judge has ordered the release of bodycam footage of the killing of Ethan Calton while law enforcement agents were attempting to arrest him pursuant to warrants.  Calton was killed on December 1, 2020, by a Rutherford County deputy who, along with a federal agent and another deputy, was attempting to arrest him on armed robbery and other charges.  Sheriff Chris Francis said in a previous statement that Calton was brandishing a gun when he was shot.

Elizabeth City.  WRAL reports that a woman has been charged with felony assault after driving her car into a group of people who were marching in the street in support of racial justice on Monday.  A victim, Valerie Lindsey, said that just prior to being struck by the car she had a verbal exchange with the driver, Lisa Michelle O’Quinn, who she alleged used racist language.  Video of the incident is available at the WRAL link.

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