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Motorists across the state are scrambling to find gas after a cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline significantly reduced shipments of fuel throughout much of the east coast this week.  The attack, which involved encrypting data on the company’s computer systems, is being blamed on a group called DarkSide that is thought to be based in Russia or Eastern Europe.  The brazen international crime has caused a ripple effect of relatively minor local crime – as ABC 11 reports, two people have been charged with assault after fighting each other over spots in line at a station in Knightdale.  Keep reading for more news.

Ransomware.  The cyberattack against a major fuel pipeline operator that has resulted in gas shortages across the state is not the only notable digital crime this week.  As ABC News reports, a Russian-speaking hacking group has begun leaking personal information belonging to officers with the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia to the darkweb.  The group, known as Babuk, began leaking the information after being dissatisfied with the amount of money offered by the department to end the ransomware attack.

Winston-Salem Standoff.  Last week the News Roundup noted that Edwin Joseph Castillo Jr. was killed by Winston-Salem police officers after barricading himself in a house and firing on officers who had responded to a call about a disturbance at the house.  This week the Winston-Salem Journal reported that Castillo had been involved in a similar incident in Davidson County in 2007 that resulted in him pleading guilty to two counts of assault with a firearm on a law enforcement officer.

Floyd.  The Associated Press reports that a Minnesota judge has delayed the trials of three officers other than Derek Chauvin who are facing criminal charges for their involvement in Floyd’s death.  The judge said that the decision to delay the trials was based in part on the recent indictment of all of the officers, including Chauvin, on federal charges of willfully violating Floyd’s civil rights and in part on his view that it would be best to put distance between their trials and Chauvin’s recent conviction because of the high profile nature of the case.

Philly D.A.  The PBS Independent Lens documentary series recently has been airing a detailed look at Larry Krasner’s first term in office as District Attorney in Philadelphia where he ran on the promise reform the local criminal justice system from within.  More information about the series and links to the free episodes, which examine decisions about bringing criminal charges against police officers and efforts to end cash bail, among other things, are available here.

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