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The big news of the week was President Donald Trump’s unexpected removal of James Comey as FBI director.  The News Hour has an overview of the situation here.  FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe will take over for Comey until a new director is appointed by President Trump and confirmed by the Senate.  There have been seven full-time directors of the Bureau since 1935; this is only the second time that a director has been fired.  Keep reading for more news.

Callahan Funeral.  The News & Observer reports that more than 500 people attended a funeral for Sergeant Meggan Callahan in Edenton last week.  As the News Roundup previously noted, Callahan was killed by an inmate while on duty at Bertie Correctional Institution a few weeks ago.

Serial Shooter.  Police in Phoenix announced this week that they have arrested a man suspected of committing a series of fatal shootings in the city.  The Arizona Republic reports that Aaron Juan Saucedo is a suspect in twelve shootings that occurred between August 2015 and July 2016.   Nine people were killed and two others were wounded in the attacks; the victims seemingly were selected at random.

Webinar.  As the days get warmer and longer, there’s just one thing on many blog readers’ minds – the School of Government’s Summer Criminal Law Webinar.  Mark your calendars for the afternoon of June 9, 2017 when SOG criminal law experts Rubin, Denning, and Dixon will give you the lowdown on recent criminal law appellate court decisions and significant criminal law legislation.  Register now, you don’t want to miss it.

No Sanctuary.  Reuters reports that Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed into law “a measure to punish ‘sanctuary cities,’ despite a plea from police chiefs of the state’s biggest cities to halt the bill they said would hinder their ability to fight crime.”  According to the report, the law allows officers to ask people about their immigration status during lawful detentions and includes criminal penalties for police officials who do not cooperate with federal immigration agents.

Uber Altercation.  A ride to a restaurant with friends turned into a broken play last month when Carolina Panthers offensive lineman Michael Oher allegedly assaulted an Uber driver after a bad navigation call.  According to WRAL, after stopping so that passengers could use the restroom, Oher and the driver established a line of scrimmage outside the vehicle and the driver was on the receiving end of a pancake block.  Alcohol may have been involved in the incident.

Santa Stickup.  WTVD reports that a man dressed as Santa Claus committed an armed robbery at a Boost Mobile store in Durham over the weekend.  According to the report, a “burly man dressed in a Santa hat, a Santa jacket and a fake white beard” armed with a gun demanded money “then put the cash in a red bag and fled from the store.”  I think there’s a John Prine song about how this is likely to play out.  See John Prine, Christmas in Prison, on Sweet Revenge (Atlantic Records 1973).

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  1. Well I had a stack of presents for you, darlin’
    Though the sheriff took them down to Evidence
    Now, I don’t want to put this burden on you
    Would you have your mother bring me cigarettes?

    You know you’re always first in my affection
    With good behavior, I’ll be out in two
    As far as all that money that went missing
    Well it’s not for your mother, it’s for you (minus expenses)

    This punishment is cruel and unusual
    Well I did my best, but the system said I failed
    Don’t lie awake and wonder whether Santa visits me
    There’s even Christmas in jail

    – Jonathan Coulton, “Christmas in Jail”


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