News Roundup

Superior Court Judge Arnold Jones, the Chair of the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission, was arrested this week and charged in federal court with bribery and related offenses. WRAL reports here that the judge allegedly attempted “to bribe an FBI officer [by paying him $100] to collect text messages between two phone numbers in what the judge said was a family matter.”In other news:

Criminal defense lawyer helps man escape burning vehicle. WRAL has a nice story here about John McWilliam, a criminal defense lawyer who noticed that an occupied vehicle was on fire and alerted the occupant, who was able to escape without injury.

Adulterated Halloween candy. I noted in a post a few years ago that it is rare, but not unheard of, to find foreign objects in Halloween candy. WRAL reports here on one of those rare occurrences – an incident in Holly Springs this year in which a needle was detected in a candy bar. No one was injured, fortunately.

Ohio marijuana legalization initiative fails. Public attitudes towards marijuana are changing, but Ohio voters declined to jump on the legalization bandwagon this week. They soundly rejected a ballot initiative that would have legalized marijuana — and would have granted the exclusive right to grow it to 10 specific producers. USA Today has the story here.

That sentence is no laughing matter. A federal judge in California sentenced a defendant to a year and a day in prison, but doubled it to two years after he noticed the defendant laughing. The increased sentence was just affirmed on appeal, as U.S. News reports here. The dissenting judge viewed the revised sentence as “draconian” and “imposed out of haste and imprudence.”

Today is Love Your Lawyer Day! Finally, it’s the first Friday in November, meaning that today is Love Your Lawyer Day. It has been an informal holiday for the past 15 years but for the first time has been made semi-officially through recognition by the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Council. Bloomberg has the details here. But go ahead and show some appreciation for the lawyers in your life today!

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