News Roundup

I’m traveling today with only an iPad and inconsistent Wifi for Internet access, so pardon the short post and untidy formatting in what has been a VERY interesting news week.

1. The court of appeals heard the electronic sweepstakes case this week, as the News and Observer notes here:

2. John Edwards lost his motions to dismiss his federal criminal case concerning the campaign finance laws, as discussed here:

3. Superior Court Judge Abe Jones ruled that man convicted of multiple felonies many years ago has a Second Amendment – not just state constitutional – right to possess a gun, even though he isn’t eligible under the new rights restoration statute. The case merits a full discussion, which I’ll save for another time. For now, a good summary and a link to the opinion is here:

4. The News and Observer ran an editorial arguing that District Attorneys respond to looming elections by taking more cases to trial and by prosecuting more minor crimes. The author is a university economist. See what you think:

5. Finally, huge news in the world of federal criminal law: Vermont’s congressional delegation is pushing to make it a felony to represent something as Maple syrup that isn’t. (It’s currently a misdemeanor.) Be warned:

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