New Year’s Resolutions for Lawyers

Still looking to make a new year’s resolution or two, besides reading this blog daily? This post recaps several suggestions from the ABA and NC Lawyers Mutual.

The ABA’s resolutions are here. They’re written for newer lawyers, but several of them speak to more senior attorneys as well. I particularly like “eat your peas first.” As applied to the practice of law, it means to start your day with the project that you are dreading. I am also drawn to “improve your writing,” as I have been thinking recently about how to improve my own writing.

Lawyers Mutual’s resolutions are here. They include going home early on Fridays, and not dwelling on our failures. Such as failing to eat our peas first, perhaps.

Anyhow, if you’ve made a law-related resolution that you’re willing to share, please post a comment. Substantive legal analysis will return to the blog tomorrow. Happy new year.

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