New Version of Arrest, Search, and Investigation Now Available

I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked when there will be a new edition of Arrest, Search, and Investigation in North Carolina. Ask no more: the Fourth Edition is now available. I have a copy on my desk right now. You can read more about the book, and order a copy for your desk if you’re so inclined, here.

Here’s how our publications department describes the new version:

This book explains the legal rules that govern an officer’s authority to enforce laws and to investigate criminal offenses. It also explains the basic rules of evidence in criminal cases. Footnotes to the text and and case summary sections include appellate cases and statutory references to assist in researching particular issues. This edition is newly organized placing supplementary material in footnotes at the bottom of the text instead of as notes at the end of each chapter. It also places relevant case summaries sections at the end of each chapter (for chapters 2-5) instead of placing these sections at the end of the book. The text is current with statutory and case law through June 2011 and replaces all prior editions and supplements. It contains a subject index and a case index.

Let me add that I am a big fan of the use of footnotes rather than end notes. The book is well-organized and a pleasure to use. And of course, it is massively researched and comprehensive. Thanks and congratulations to Bob for finishing it.

Finally, a word about pricing. The book costs $70. That’s not cheap, but in the world of legal reference books, it is an astonishing bargain. The book’s closest competitor is Wayne R. LaFave, Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment (4th ed. 2004-12). That’s also a good reference — but as you can see here, it costs $775.

2 thoughts on “New Version of Arrest, Search, and Investigation Now Available”

  1. Mr. Welty,

    As I know you are all-knowing of everything legal, when will the supplement to the fourth edition of Arrest, Search, and Investigation be available? I would like to save a bit of money and buy the set.

    No, but seriously, thank you for reminding all of us that this book has been released. I have been eagerly awaiting this edition to replace my previous copies that were lost.

    Thanks again,



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