New Sex Offender Registration and Monitoring Chart

I recently finished a comprehensive update of my Sex Offender Registration and Monitoring Flow Chart. It’s available here. As before, it includes a list of all reportable crimes (with a key to the relevant effective date applicable to each) and a summary of the satellite-based monitoring (SBM) determination hearing process required when a person is convicted of a reportable crime. It includes hyperlinks to pertinent AOC forms, statutes, and session laws, and it flags significant case law—which there is a lot more of now than there was when I prepared the first version of the chart last year. The chart also incorporates some legislative changes from 2009 and 2010, including the district attorney’s authority to seek a permanent no-contact order under G.S. 15A-1340.50 (S.L. 2009-380), and the effective date change for out-of-state crimes that are reportable in another state but not substantially similar to a reportable crime in North Carolina (S.L. 2010-174, described on page 3 of the legislative summary available here).

The chart is still printable as a single page (the font is actually slightly larger in this version!), but for the first time there is a “side two” that includes some additional information on SBM effective dates and case law. As for the case law, there are still cases pending before the state supreme court that will, perhaps, address some of the fundamental questions about SBM (Is it punishment? What information can the court consider in determining whether an offense is aggravated?). I’m sure I’ll write about them—and update the chart—when they’re decided.

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