New Sentencing Handbook Available

The 2015-2016 edition of the North Carolina Sentencing Handbook with Felony, Misdemeanor, and DWI Sentencing Grids is available from the School of Government. Like previous editions, it contains instructions on felony sentencing, misdemeanor sentencing, and DWI sentencing; the sentencing grids themselves; and various appendices that may be helpful in your work.

The revised version incorporates new legislation and cases through October 2015. The sentencing grids are once again unchanged, but a number of related changes are addressed, including:

  • New rules for jail credit (described here);
  • Revised limitations on conditional discharge and deferred prosecution for DWI;
  • The new felony aggravating factor for crimes committed in the presence of a child;
  • The recodification of many North Carolina sex crimes, described here and here;
  • Various offense class changes; and
  • An updated place-of-confinement chart.SentencingHandbook


The Administrative Office of the Courts recently purchased copies of this book and will distribute them to the following judicial officials:

  • All judges (district, superior, appellate);
  • District Attorneys and assistants; and
  • Public Defenders and assistants.


Distribution will begin this week and should be complete by the end of December 2015.  Books will be delivered with regular supply orders. Please direct questions about AOC distribution among judicial personnel to Joe Slate at 919-890-1532.

Others may purchase a copy of the book from the School of Government for $25 here, or by calling 919-966-4120.

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