New Podcast: The N.C. Criminal Debrief

I’m pleased to announce that a new project, the North Carolina Criminal Debrief Podcast, is up and running. As you might guess, the podcast focuses on criminal law issues affecting the state. The idea is to provide another platform for folks to stay abreast of developments in the field in a way that is accessible to both court system actors and the public at large. You can tune into the podcast on the SOG website at the link above or on Spotify, Stitcher, or Apple. If you like what you hear, please like, subscribe, and pass it along!

Three episodes are currently available, and I expect to release new ones each month or so. The episodes have focused on case and legislative updates so far, but I plan to have interviews with guests and focused episodes digging into specific topics. The most recent episode covers the last-minute legislative changes passed this summer to preserve the state hemp industry, recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the recent decisions by the North Carolina Supreme Court on de facto life sentences for juvenile offenders. It is around 30 minutes, which is half as long as the first couple of episodes. It’s still an evolving project and I would love any feedback or suggestions. Is there something you would like to see covered? Any other thoughts on the format? Shoot me an email and let me know. As always, I can be reached at