New Paper on Restitution

Today’s post shares a short paper on restitution that I recently prepared for the Conference of District Attorneys. I thought it might also be useful to other audiences.

The paper is available here. It updates an earlier version posted on this blog many years ago. Since then, we have had a few important changes in the law related to restitution, including:

  • Last year’s changes to the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.
  • The 2016 repeal of the restriction on restitution to insurers.
  • The Court of Appeals’ decision in State v. Murphy, 261 N.C. App. 78 (2018), clarifying that a court may not order restitution to victims of unconvicted conduct.
  • The 2017 requirement for notice and a hearing for victims before restitution is remitted.

I welcome your questions and feedback about other topics to include in future versions of the paper.

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