New Legislation Regarding the Restoration of Felons’ Gun Rights

I’ve blogged previously about the Britt and Whitaker cases. Britt held that a particular convicted felon retained his right to bear arms under the state constitution, and that G.S. 14-415.1 — which purports to prohibit all felons from possessing firearms — was unconstitutional as applied to him. Whitaker rejected a similar claim made by another convicted felon and made clear that Britt was an exceptional result, driven by the fact that  the plaintiff in Britt had committed a single, non-violent felony many years earlier, and had since remained completely out of trouble.

Rather than wait for the courts to accumulate case law about which felons are entitled to possess guns and which are not, the General Assembly jumped into the issue during the just-concluded session. It enacted S.L. 2010-108, which attempts to clarify and limit the circumstances under which felons may retain or regain their gun rights. The statute appears to be consistent with the thrust of Britt and Whitaker, although I am sure that it will be challenged by someone who falls outside its scope.

My colleague John Rubin has drafted the following excellent summary of the legislation, for those interested in a bit more detail. I grateful for his willingness to share it:

[The law] [a]mends various statutes, described below, to allow people convicted of certain felonies to apply for restoration of the right to possess firearms and to create an exception from the firearm restrictions for certain white collar criminal convictions. Provides that changes become effective February 1, 2011, and apply to offenses committed on or after that date. Also directs North Carolina Attorney General, effective July 20, 2010, to request the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies to review these changes and determine whether a person who qualifies under them may purchase and possess a firearm under federal firearms restrictions.

New G.S. 14-415.4 contains the new restoration procedures. The new statute gives the responsibility for hearing restoration petitions to the district court in the district where the person resides. New G.S. 14-415.4(i) states that restoration does not constitute an expunction or pardon, and G.S. 14-415.4(l) states that the knowing and willful submission of false information is a Class 1 misdemeanor and permanently bars restoration of firearm rights.

The initial prerequisite for restoration is that the person must have no more than one conviction for a “nonviolent felony,” which does not include any Class A, B1, or B2 felony or any Class C through I felony that involves an assault as an essential element, possession or use of a firearm or deadly weapon as an essential or nonessential element, or other specified circumstances. Multiple nonviolent felony convictions arising out of the same event and consolidated for sentencing count as one felony. A person is ineligible for restoration for various reasons listed in the statute, including having been adjudicated guilty of or having received a prayer for judgment continued or a suspended sentence for one or more misdemeanor crimes of violence or other listed misdemeanors. To obtain restoration, the person must have had their civil rights restored for at least 20 years, which typically occurs automatically under G.S. 13-1 following a person’s completion of all incidents of his or her sentence. The new statute also states that a person who was convicted of a nonviolent felony in another jurisdiction is eligible for restoration if his or her civil rights, including the right to possess a firearm, have been restored for at least 20 years in the other jurisdiction; this provision may inadvertently make the waiting period for restoration of firearm rights in North Carolina considerably longer for people with convictions from other jurisdictions because they may not be able to obtain restoration of their firearm rights in the other jurisdiction for some time after their citizenship rights have been restored there. New G.S. 14-415.4 establishes other criteria a person must satisfy to obtain restoration of firearm rights, such as a one-year period of residency in North Carolina.

The act amends G.S. 14-415.1 (possession of firearm by a felon) to provide that a convicted felon whose firearm rights have been restored is not subject to the prohibition in that statute; similarly, the act amends G.S. 14-404(c) (handgun permits) and G.S. 14-415.12(b) (concealed handgun permits) to provide that people whose firearms rights have been restored are eligible to obtain the indicated permits if they meet the other criteria for issuance. The act also amends the above statutes to exempt from the firearms restrictions felony convictions pertaining to antitrust violations, unfair trade practices, or restraints of trade. People convicted of these felonies do not need to apply for restoration of their firearms rights (unless convicted of other nonviolent felonies); the changes exempt them from the firearms restrictions.

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  1. All these fkn criminals trying to get their guns back… wtf!

    You made poor choices now, you think you can be trusted to make good choices now?

    People who make poor choices in life should not be handling firearms, in ANY capacity.

    I agree w/Federal Law.
    Once a Criminal always a criminal…
    Once a Con always a Con no such thing as X-Con.. unless it’s a Con in sheeple clothing.

    It may be your right to bear, but what you do with your right can either get it taken away or secured. Becoming a criminal is definitely one way to get it taken away. Upholding the law of the land and not giving into peer pressure, is one way of securing your right to bear.

    But since most of you have chosen poorly, you have only the right to “bare” arms, not the right to bear arms.

    “Guess you should of thought of that beforehand!”
    What’s it matter now anyways?

    • You sir are A hard case, no second chance for “some” folks that may of gotten in a little trouble thirty years ago? But pay taxes and hold a job. I agree some cases dont need reinstating, But some should. I beleive you are without sin and should be considered for sainthood… And you should cast the first stone!

      • I agree with you totally. My husband had a drug charge 25 yrs ago and recently received his pardon (complete). He served his time years ago, started back over in left at age of 40 and raised his two small children (by himself) after getting released. He worked making over $40 an hr before his incarceration and afterwards, started back making $10 with 2 children. All of this was his fault BUT he paid his debt. He is now 59 yrs old still working, NEVER drawing any free govt monies after his incarceration and now trying to get his rights back to own a gun. Anyone that has known him, knows he is a better man today than the Ocifer Spunkter that is without sin but please get the stone out of your hand. So glad to have known a man that has been way up high, had his feet knocked out from under him and is now working his way to the middle again. He touched more lives after incarceration by doing a prison ministry than most pastors in a pulpit. Judge not less ye be judged Mr. Spincter, I mean Spunkter!

        • Great man great story,he and many others are in a better mind frame than people who never been locked up or claim that they are perfect

        • I’m 65…..And a legal gun owner, with my concealed carry permit. I’m also NRA certified pistol instructor. Here’s a novel idea…..DON’T BREAK THE LAW!!!

          • Too bad everybody isn’t as ” good” as you think you are.No second chance even if non violent, 👎 gun used, and no trouble for 40 years? What a saint.

          • Easy for someone whos never lived in total poverty before to say. You, nor any other has any right to judge anyone other than yourselves. You couldn’t possibly fathom the kind of pressure some people endure before deciding to become a drug dealer or user. I agree violent criminals shouldnt receive any sort of pardon to bear arms again, unless of course they can show solid proof of their rehabilitation/participation as a novel citizen in society, but the past is the past for the few of us who have turned our lives around. Mistakes were made, lessons learned, and damnit if i shouldnt be aloud to own a gun years later to participate in shooting competitions/marksmanship tourneys.

          • Well Stanley, let me tell what my crime was. I’ll give you a brief history of myself. I’m a veteran of 5 years in in the US Army. 13 month tour in Vietnam 1971-1972 101st Abn 3/187 and MACV. 2 honorable discharges. Never been in trouble other than a traffic ticket. NRA member. Concealed permit holder just like you. I was an over the road truck driver for 36 years. Got divorced in 2000 and was paying child support. 2010 I got sick and couldn’t pass my D.O.T. physical. I was always short of breath. I was disqualified from driving because my breathing lung capacity was below federal guidelines. I had to apply for SSDI. It only took 4 and 1/2 years to get approved with an attorney. With my job loss I filed for a modification on my support. My oldest son was living with me at the time of my diagnosis of emphysema. My child support order was in Indiana. I live in Texas. I was arrested twice for failure to pay child support, and extradited to Indiana for failure to pay support. I was finally approved for SSDI in July 2015. exactly 61 months to the day that I became ill. I had a micro stroke in February of 2014, that’s when they discovered I had emphysema. I got so far behind in my support order, it became a felony. my crime was getting sick and not being able to pay my support???? Land of the free my ass!!!! I’m 63 Stanley. My life was destroyed because I got sick! DON’T BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE STANLEY!!!

          • Pretty Simply Put. Except…its not that simple. The structure of our legal system is designed to force people into a plea bargain. They add in multiple counts to create the one youll accept to be done with it. Now doesnt matter if that person really committed a crime, often theyll accept the plea for fear of jail or prison and take that nicely wrapped plea bargain. Certain Destiny, that you know , verse rolling the dice and going to trial and as everyone will have nicely planted the seed of thoughts that lose the trial , get the max. This happens everyday, someone accepts the deal and didnt really commit a crime at all or someone who was wrong place and time and got charged as well. Its easy to say dont break the law but what if the person hasnt and millions are victims to this, they lose rights too…so whose to decide. Right to bear arms is just that. Shouldn’t be taken from anyone because people make a choice when to comitt crimes and when things just happen. So maybe the right circumstances hasnt aligned for you while having a gun on you or you never got caught. Everyone’s who theu are at that moment and were all better off armed.

          • Dude shit can happe. To anyone now days . So saying don’t break the Law is like saying don’t breath . Bc I bet ur ass has got a ticket for speeding or some type of run in with a cop or just didn’t get caught yet.

          • I am a felon and yea I broke the law and yes I get that some people don’t need guns. My first response to that is shall not be infringed . Do you saints that has never done wrong know what that means. Have you ever thought that if the government can take a felons right that they can take yours to. Why don’t they take a felons 1st 5th 4th amendment rights. Think about that. Secondly if the judicial system feels I’m safe enough to be returned to society and pay taxes and mingle with the people. Then I should have the right to protect my self. I paid my debt so does that mean I have to pay for it the rest of my life . To me that’s life time punishment. No you pay the price your rights are restored is the way it should be. This is just another way to disarm citizens think about it

          • So you have NEVER broken any laws? Wow impressive that you know every law ever made, even those that remain on the books everywhere, that are never enforsed, because they are forgotten, hey will you be my lawyer and judge, you’re so much smarter and more saintly than anyone on earth now or ever except Jesus, i guess you are so good that you never lie or cheat on anything, may God bless you, why are you still on earth?I would’ve thought that you would have been lifted up as Enoch was, since you are so perfect that you have NEVER received a ticket, ran a stop sign, Skywalker etc. Wow, sucks to be you huh? Not even had a beer when you were underage? Wow, glad I don’t have to live in your shadow, my condolences to you spouse and family, to live with such righteousness must be pure HELL

          • What about me I was charged for fire arm by felon and they are hitting me with the bitch for getting another felon for the gun the gun was not stolen and my friend took it to the pawn shop amd he didn’t have his ID and I used mine and the gun was in a lock box I had no access to it and to get 7 -17 years is not fair just for using my ID that’s more time than a child molester or a murder would get

          • your a criminal u haven’t be charge yet. what happens if you hit some one with your car and you killed them you didn’t mean to it was a accident guess what there goes your gun rights and no gun was involved. so what say u now

          • You sir everyone breaks the law I don’t care what you do but somehow someway everybody breaks law

          • If you think you never broke the law, you are an idiot. You just never got caught or broke a law that the police did not know nor you. I had a permit for years to carry concealed and collected class three guns. and I was charged once for carrying a loaded hand gun even with my permit and leaning on a utility box on the side of the road. So don’t tell me you never broke a law. If you ever received a traffic ticket or parking ticket you broke the law.

          • I got a felony driving while license suspended in 2002 went to prison got out in 2004 got all my rights back except my gun rights in 2005 how can i get my gun rights back and get my ccw permit?

          • Do you know what laws you break everyday? You are aware that you are a lawbreaker aren’t you? Everyday at that!

          • If you do, and complete your sentence you shouldn’t have to give up your constitutional right to self defense. Is the felon stuff in the constitution, or is it congressional law? It’s BS! There are so many laws, everyone’s a “criminal” sometime. Also, a felony in one state vould be legal in another.

          • You say don’t commit a crime, you are so right. But,let’s think for a second…… how many crimes have you committed but have not been caught for? Better yet how many friends or associates do you know that has done something illegal that you did not report. At least one, and in case you don’t know that’s considered conspiracy after the fact which is a crime punishable in most states the same as the crime committed. No matter how small

          • How are you breaking the law when a white office puts drugs on a black k man and the judge takes the offices side what so you so sir

          • I had drugs planted on me cocaine in 1993 it was reduced and vaccated in 2015
            Now one attorney said I would never have my gun rights back
            But the head deputy in a Los Angeles court said I can have a firearm now what’s the deal and who’s telling me the truth

          • I was 22 years old I’m 63 now I made a mistake and now I’m punished for the rest of my life anybody can make a mistake but after 40 years I think it should be lightened up a little bit

          • Its funny you say ‘Don’t break the Law” when the law comes from people like Pelosi and corey booker and other corrupters. They can make the law say and do what ever they feel like. Would you uphold the law if they said it was illegal to drive on Tuesdays? Police states don’t benefit anyone and is exactly why people should be allowed to own firearms without being forced out by so many “laws” How do you like the red flag law where I can say that you are mentally unstable and have the “law” come and take your guns regardless of your big mouth.

          • Ya – that’s all well and good, but what about the many people who were law abiding citizens all of their lives – and suddenly get falsely accused of a crime that they did not commit? I bet you never were in such a situation, so of course you think it to be impossible. It happens every day, especially men accused of crimes by women to get “even” with you for revenge. Look how the supreme court justice nominee had to go through intense humiliation form a “supposed” sex crime 40 years ago. She had no real proof. Cops let women get away with this crap every day in America, and men get charged and thrown in jail by false allegations. So get off your high horse Mr. “I’m a Saint”, and consider this!

          • The way our justice system works, half the people who plead guilty are not really guilty. I have heard judges (on FOX News) say that. The goal should be to find the truth and serve justice. Not just convict.

          • An American s right to bear arms is a god given and constitutional right? How can a man who commits a crime and serves his time be denied a god given right?If it can be taken away ,it’s a privilege.therefore ,ur right is also just a privilege that can b taken away at any time?

          • Are you trying to say that you never broke the law for nothing ever ever never drove too fast never walked across a street light when I wasn’t your turn nothing right whatever

          • Like you havent broken the law before Jesus Christ

          • In 17 years ago I was in a very abusive situation I made a very badd choice it’s still getting beat. So now I left him finally have to the 6 time of being able to stay away from him because he kept hiring private eyes to find me and making threats on my family. Long story short I have a felony charge against me for food stamps because of him and he turned me in because I left him. Yes I would love to bear arms it is my right a served my time and I paid the price. Time meaning probation but it was still something against my record I can never get rid of. Not even a parking ticket are speeding ticket ever.

        • You are correct. Many people break laws everyday and most may not even know they did or it was a law, but even if you did and paid your debt, it should end there and be given your rights back in full.

          • I’d like to know how someone can take my rights when they did not even give them to me in the first place. Free Men don’t need or ask for permission. The 2nd amendment does not give you the right to bear arms and it does not say unless you have a felony. You are either Free or you are not.

        • I had a fake drug charge over 20 years ago but I got it reduced and thrown out the DOJ said no gun but the state said I can have a firearm I am concerned.

        • There’s a quote floating around the internet, attributed to George Washington in his first State of the Union Address, which says

          Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … from the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurences and tendencies prove that to ensure peace security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable … the very atmosphere of firearms anywhere restrains evil interference — they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good

      • I was sixteen when I was charged! I’m 53 and have lived a law abiding citizen since then and you people have NO idea what it’s like to have no parents to guide you in the right way! So I take it you had all that and still did shit you could of had the same results you just didn’t get cault f##k!!!

        • Agree sir. My name is also James and I also am a felon because of fighting barehanded in Texas and in Arkansas and I don’t care what anybody says, I have the right to defend my home and my family and so does everyone else with a home in the family

          • Yes, I was found guilty of a shooting with intent inside my home because someone I didn’t know just waltzed in and provoked a fight. Even though I had no intentions on shooting them when I saw them pick up a brick I went to the door to scare them off and they were hit in the knee. It was pure accident that they were even hit but I was charged with felony conviction and that was 30 yrs ago. I have done nothing else but work and provide for my family and now I’m told that I am being charged for having a rifle that I only use to go hunting with

        • I 2 had no parents at 16,finished school,right after high school I sold a gram of hash to a police officer for 6 dollars,I was stupid,it was 40 years ago,it has kept me from good jobs my whole life,I have bee on a roof working ever since then in south florida in the heat,I thinkbi have paid my price,the system sucks

      • Once you served your time give them their rights back. .

        • Yes yes yes…. Agree 100%

        • I been out of prison for 14 years and I am a better man than I ever been. I got a wife, kids, and grandkids. I just want to have a gun around my house for protection. Young man out here Will do anything to harm you. My name is Walter Nickson and I need to know can I purchase me a gun. U can call me at 6624577436…just for my family.

        • Agree 100%

      • Ditto sir well spoken ,I had stronger words for that gentleman living in a glass house usually the hard cases with the most skeletons in the closet all the ones crying for the most harsh of punishment for others

        • It may be your right to bear, but what you do with your right can either get it taken away or secured. Becoming a criminal is definitely one way to get it taken away. Upholding the law of the land and not giving into peer pressure, is one way of securing your right to bear.

      • Thank you sir. I have been in trouble for fighting and was charged with a felony after a fight with my brother-in-law in which we both got over it and he lived with my wife and I until he died with a brain tumor many years later. we took very good care of him and loved him. He apologized for the lie that he told on me to the police after the fight but the damage was already done and I was charged with a felony and had to give all my guns to my son and give up hunting which is something I loved dearly. I done my time I paid my fines and was on probation for 2 years my rights should have been restored but they were not which is very wrong we who are charged with a felony are treated as a rabid dog that never dies or find a cure and that is just wrong. We raised five successful children who all are hard-working and law-abiding citizens and have never been in trouble. I feel my rights should be restored

        • How can your rights be taken by someone who never gave them to you in the first place. Does the 2nd amendment give you rights or does it protect the rights you already have Does it end by saying unless you have a felony?

          • Well said

      • here here

      • Thank you!

      • Well spoken David Pacanowski

        He who is without sin case the first stone, well go head Mr. Spunkter …… case the first stone! smh

    • You cannot judge a man in life by what he has done but judge him on who he has become and the goodness he accomplished everyone makes mistakes its in human nature to make mistakes its what we learn from them that matters

      • Correct

        • I feel if a person has done his time he or she should be able to carry a gun the united state is so ? Up every one in the white wants to tell you what you can and can’t do but they do so much shit up there and get a way with it or just have a slap on the arm and it’s OK it’s OK too that the time is near and those people that they think they are the law better hope they don’t go to hell people are tired of all this bull crap that

      • ,paying the same taxes,living a similar lifestyle as you! Should that person be treated unconstitutional after dues are paid? Hunting for instance.that “criminal”! Shouldnt be able to teach there child about hunting ! Because of something that happened 20 yr ago.? It sounds like your the criminal!! Right. Cant fix stupid!!

        • Your very right don’t understand once you’ve done your time for the crime you’ve done you’ve paid your dues to society they should give you your rights back as long as the crime didn’t have anything to do with a gun and when they try to get a job it’s not easy

      • I agree everyone who has made must stakes aren’t those they keep down

      • So true. In 2010 I was a armed security guard, my ex-boyfriend had weed in my house,probation officer looking for my son seen it. He want me to say my son. My ex wanted me to say it was my son. I losted it all.

        • I was put on probation for three years and so on now. I did my time and paid all fees.Case dismissed. Put can’t get gun rights back.

    • I was and passed out drunk in a vehicle i was in the people i trusted broke into a sportsmans club for alcohol and cigarettes. I awoke the next morning with police at my door saying i committed a felony…the people i was with involved my name although i was passed out and they took me home after their crime..after hours of questions the officer told me if i would just say i was there then i would be released immediately. I was not released for 3 days..i recieved a puplic defender that said if i plead guilty i would serve 20 days county and he would have my record sealed and firearms rights restored as my goal was to be a police officer..this public defender went on to become a felon stealing from my home town..he was crooked from the start..he should have had my charges dropped instantly instead of kissing the prosecutors ass…i personally got my record sealed and got my firearms rights restored without a attorney.. My next step is to recieve a governors pardon so now at age 42 i can fulfill my dream of beinga police officer at least get 25 years in on a police force…just because someone has had their rights taken dosent mean that their a criminal who shouldnt get a chance to fulfill their dream..whatever that dream may be

      • I agree. Sorry you had to go through all that. I make a poor decision in judgment to drive myself home. I paid the price and served my time. Now all I want to do is get my rights restored and get on with my life. I believe that everyone makes mistakes in life and should be forgiven unless they continue to keep making the same mistakes. Then no I don’t believe deserve a second chance to straighten out their life. I hope I am able to get my rights restored because I really love my guns and don’t want to have to give them up. I changed my life around and I’m no longer that same foolish person making those stupid mistakes and dumb choices. If I want to drink I just stay home or setup a dd beforehand. It’s much safer and smarter. Thanks for listening.

      • California. I got a misdimeanor burglary 15 years ago(non violent whatsoever). Just got community service. So cant I be allowed to purchase a firearm? And do I need to have my rights restored or is it automatically done after the 10 years? I read there’s a 10 year wait and after that one can purchase a firearm. That was retaining to crimes considered felony and much worse than mine so I don’t see why I would be denied being that it’s been 15years an mine was a misdemeanor.

      • You are 100% correct sir and I hope u fulfill that dream and become one of the good officers that don’t stomp on people’s rights like ocifer spunkster does.

    • [Removed by editor] you expect these people to pay taxes and all the other things that society requires but want to keep them from protecting themselves and their families?you are an idiot,some of the most decent ,honest people I know are convicted felons,and if ignorance were a felony you would be a repeat offender,remember that drink you had before driving home ?Felony, dumbass,and this really isnt even the issue,what most don’t understand is the fact that the bill of rights were not written to limit the power of the people, but the government,these are GOD given rights,and the government has no power to deny or restrict ANY of them,any law that that is contrary to the constitution is deemed unconstitutional and there fore need not be followed [Removed by editor.]

      • Your comment says REMOVED BY EDITOR, luckily it was not….just another example of the “higher ups” keeping the rest of us down, stupid, ignorant, and unheard. To Editor….FREEDOM OF SPEECH, oh that only applies when you want it to…how wrong of us to say something to a bunch of thin skinned, uptight, self righteous, self serving, dictator, oppressive, over privileged f***king a^*^**^s. This is why I did drugs for pain after being disabled from military. They too lied and brushed off y claims which were true by the way. So you all are telling me that basically I signed up to defend a country and constitution that really does not apply to me? I thought I was defending all the “Rights” that it lists, but only when it applies to the rich, the connected, the so called public and civil service folks ( polititions that SIT in their comfy homes with all the money. Us poor fight, work, scrape and die so they may write another stupid amendment to keep us down and serve only them. Yea you are right, I should keep my mouth shut, sign up to possibly die nd for What? Boy I’m so happy, that I feel that was one of my “bad” decisions. The VS called me a liar and drug seeking for years…i guess 9 compression fracture in my back, a f*^*^ked up foot that after 2surgeries is worse, and permanent nerve damage in my cervical and lumbar spine causing me to be in constant pain and only 60%disabled according to them, I made the decision to do street drugs to combat the pain because no one would listen to an 18 year old female. Huh? Wrong on so many levels. No one should judge, until you walk a mile in the other persons shoes. Boy I make BAD decisions, the biggest was to serve a country that has a long standing track record of turning it’s back on those who support the ones whom a blind eye in turned upon them. Sorry….MY BAD, you love it when that gun was in my hand, but now that I want to protect mine, ooooo I’m not worthy, you know I think I’m finally getting it. Wow

    • That’s like saying, one cop make a poor choice in shooting an unarmed individual, ok let’s rid the police station of their guns.
      And just to clarify, choice is sometimes forced upon us, here’s an example, who did you vote for?

    • Im an excon. I spent time in federal prison for armed bank robbery. Im not a bad person. I had two kids at a young age and had no skill. I felt hopeless. You shouldnt judge someone for making a mistake. Judge people after they continuously make mistakes. Ive been out of prison for 3 years.

      • I agree with you, but we all have to understand without criminals the police, security officers, and lawyers, judges wouldn’t be in business, so this isn’t the point I’m trying to make. My point is we all lie, we all cheat the system its a matter of getting caught, do you realize how many corrupt government officials who lie to you and myself every day about MONEY, it doesn’t exist, you could fight this case its all numbers computer generated. our money is fake, our birth certificate is being used by the government its called extortion, they use our birth certificates as bonds, to sell us like cattle, do you know you went to jail and you didn’t have to, please look into your rights, “WE The people” we rule the government, that’s why they want as many criminals as possible so no one will bare arms, are you getting this…Please if anyone can tell me different I’d like to here it, but this whole so called life is a lie, we are all slaves to the Elite, to make them rich, you criminals, they want to dumb all the Americans down, who wants a smart citizen, yeah that means we will know what they are really up eyes are open, spread the good word, keep gathering with people of the light, and charise the earth, who cares about others and guns, you know self defense, well you can defend your self with a pen, ok…don’t listen to dumb people who think they know the law, when it wasn’t written for them, it was written for me, you, and every citizen in America. Let freedom ring in the ears who can hear it well. Jesus died for me, and now he shall judge, no one else can..Peace to All. John 3:16, and I too am a convicted Felon, who was set up, and fighting my case after 10 years of being accused of a crime that I didn’t do…Peace Love and Mother Earth!!! Love yourself…I love you, I love everyone, we forgive the people who put us down to there level, so we can’t attain jobs, I have a criminal justice degree, after I graduated with a bachelors of Science degree, you should have seen how many police stations were after me for my expertise and knowledge about the law, my expertise goes into defending the people who are wrongfully accused of crimes, and that is why I decided to get a criminal justice degree, to help me and others like yourself, it was pure hell to get the degree, know one wanted me to get it, very jealous ass people, so I say Educate yourself, help others, I will help you with this if you want, you don’t need to be put down by the system but brought up by the positive charters that you portray for you and your children. God bless. Thank you for taking the time to read this..Cat

        • So true!!! Its all been a lie. Even NASA has been stealing from us and lying to us right along with them. Its all coming to end for them though as told in the book of Enoch. But that’s another issue. Lol my question to you is this. I’m a nonviolent felon who has had my civil rights fully restored in Kansas automatically after 10 years of being out of trouble. It actually been about 14 vie been working the same job for 10, have bought my own home paying all taxes. What do i have have to do to get my rights restored federally? Please help me Cat. 😩

        • I agree. I committed non violent Felonies. Got mixed with wrong crowd. Prescription frauds. I have sinced recived my civil rights back from Govenor of Virginia. I would love to receive my gun rights back. I love the outdoors and wish to pursue that again. I DONOT know where t begin. They say petition the Circuit Court of where I reside. Should I obtain legal council or try on my own. I am 50. I have completed my sentence and probation. Model citizen. I am clueless what to do next. I just don’t wanna petition Court and get shot down. Any advice?? Appreciate any help.
          Confused in Virginia

        • I need your help. Please contact me…8643840069….i was accused of hitting a cop, it was all a lie….the public defender won’t even view the video that shows the cop lied about me hitting him with a door and knocking him down. I had just had surgery, I now have injuries (physical ones) because hi pushed me, and cuffed me so tightly, after coming to my home in middle of night 2 times because of a girl whom I was caring for with a y7 is, and a mental age of 13, and decision making ability of an 8y.o. the video proves that he walked out turn and ran back in. I have pictures of the floor where door sticks, and it was raining. I still have to slam door to make it shut. This charge will kill any chance of me getting rights restored, or at getting passport so I can go with my new husband on the road as he is a truck driver ite. Or travel to my family’s home of origin. I’m in SC and really could use your help.

        • Well written and I agree educate the people.
          We need to come together, once and for all.
          God bless.

    • Excuse me, really, ok I guess it could be said that if you really are law enforcement as your title claims, then I feel as a Christian, you sir should not be in law enforcement. Your statement alone, says to me that you are judgemental, and so therefore you have no right again to be in law enforcement. When you took the oath of office, you swore to uphold the law, and I do believe in a unbiased way.Judging someone, as you have here, you are obviously very biased. I am 55 years old I am a father of two daughters and one son, grandfather of 7 beautiful grand kids. I made a horrible choice in my life in 1989, following the murder of my oldest brother, and then 6 months later, the death of my youngest brother, and then again 3 months later I found out that the person who I grew up believing was my father, turns out wasn’t my father after all. I started to use drugs at a young age, I turned to these drugs to mask my pain, I make no excuses for my choices at that time in my life, I just know that I regret that I did what I did. Sir this was 27 years ago, can you really sit there and judge me based on what I have said here, there is no more to my story, I have simply stated what I did. It really angers me when we live in such a judgemental, hipocritical society. I am asking for my rights to be restored, so that I can go hunting, I have no interest in owning a handgun, but just based on my conviction 27 years ago, I can’t do that today. So you sir I hope someday you will be able to get over your very negative view of people who have had past convictions such as mine. WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME, judge not and ye shall not be judged.

      • I’ve been reading different people’s individual stories on here, and I’ve got to say that my temper has risen and fallen several times with several peoples stories and responses.

        Our Government is not always set up to be fair or un-bias….remember that our judicial system starts with the police officer “a normal person who ends up dealing with a lot of bad things in his career”..then, based on his decision at that moment in time, it could escalate to a Judge making a life long decision on your future…based on….an Attorneys story telling ability…the same Attorney who in essence is trying to become a Judge and some might say is actually working for the Judges they present their cases too, because…they require recommendations as they try and climb the ladder to the “Untouchable’s” in our judicial society…

        It doesn’t matter what your felony is for and if it did, it might or might not count depending on how much money you have and are willing to give to that same judicial society who screwed you in the first place.

        Judges and Attornies are caught every day by hidden camera, other Authorieties..blah..blah..blah…
        but not much happens to them…most still get their retirement, or the payoffs they received…most just have to quit their current job and for some…they actually go right back into their tarnished profession either under a new job title or something as simple as a new location.

        The problem here my friend is…..”Your willing to participate in this corruption by asking their permissions for what is your God given right!”

        Do you really think that everyone who carries a gun to protect their families are legal to do so? Do you think those who are…haven’t broke the law in the past?

        Stop letting these types of people control your life…..

        If you feel you need a weapon to protect yourself and your family..then get one! It doesn’t matter how or where.

        You don’t need to participate in what can only be deemed as an insane system!

        So stop telling your story, stop arguing with idiots who just because “THEY” haven’t been caught yet for the illegal stuff they’ve done…think they have something worth wild to listen too!

        I’m a Vet…..the only reason things all Vet’s do in combat are not considered illegal is because we’re sanctioned by our Government!!! Take the Vet out of the place and time that our Government told us to be in and told us it was all okay…and guess what!

        Yep!!! he’s an instant Felon!!!

        Could it be that when our own President or Government intities issue an order for a “Hit”…Government sanctioned HIT…why are they not deemed felon’s…because it’s their insane rules!!!!!!

        Just go about your life….most of the smart ones do….keep the Government out of your business…just like they try and keep you out of theirs….and life will continue.

        I’ve never responded to a blog in my entire life….but I’ve got to tell you…some of the idiots that are criticizing you for what happened to you…tell’em to F&%k OFF!!!

        • First off id like to say thank you for your service and sacrifice and i totally agree with you i feel that self defense and the defense of your family is a god given right that soldiers have fought and died to protect since the birth of this nation whats given by god can not be taken by man if you feel you need a weapon then it is your right to do so

    • well if it is a non-violent offence we should be allowed to receive are right to bear arms

      • Exactly and I’ve been out since 2009. The crimes I was charged with was because of the man I was with I guess conspiracy was what it was called.

        • I went to the Feds for a conspiracy case and they knew I had nothing to do with it and I been out 22 years and Im raising 3 girls alone but I cant own a gun.

      • Many people own guns have committed felonies and never caught. Lay your guns down and turn yourselves in. Brian Michael Elfert lacombe la is 1. Stole a car n never caught. Yaupon trail. He also grows marijuana behind his house.

    • You seem to have a strong opinion regarding this matter.
      Too bad you are misinformed, uneducated, unwilling to crawl out of your little box and see whats really going on.

    • That’s a very ignorant statement. Many people are convicted of “non-violent” felony charges at a very young age and many years later…let’s say 10,20,30 years later, they should have every right to petition the state to get their gun rights back. Too many people assume that just because you have a felony charge that it’s for a “violent act” when many times its for things such as theft or property damage. Point being…I think that a 48 year old that was charged with felony theft, at the age of 18, should be able to petition the state to have their legal rights reinstated. Let’s be real here, most “criminals” or “people who want to perform criminal acts” don’t care at all about petitioning the state or having any legal right to carry a gun. They just go out there and buy one off the street. Noone is perfect and therefore I firmly believe that each individual should have the right to petition the state for reinstatement of their gun rights.

      • I agree with you 100℅ If there is anyone that has never done anything wrong I would love to know because as kids and teens we do things we know are wrong but to fit in we do it, just some people just don’t get caught. Like my husband says when you are a baby you poo in your pants when you get order you don’t. Just like a teen getting into trouble with a non- violent crime goes to jail for a year and half. Grows up has a family own your business for over 20 years keep a gun next to the Business safe someone steals it He calls the police so that if someone has it and hurt someone. Now he has not been in jail since he was 20 and then at 44 years old He thought he had his rights back but no the ATF who suck come in an arrested him for calling the gun in and gets 2 1/2 years. That is what kind of lawman we have. To make things worse we had cameras in the office and you can see the ATF only look at the computer and my daughter worked at Hooters and the agents were throwing pant hose at each other and one was sniffing the Hooters calendar. Believe me this is all true. I have the disc to prove it. No other room was searched.Just that one room and The AFt Mr. E—-k was all so acting mean to me. Our justice system sucks. My husband get over 2 years but you let someone hit and run they just get probation.

      • Exactly. I was convicted of ccw 23 years ago and i can’t own a 🔫. It was brand new never even fired. Took the fire arms class, completed it and went to submit my paper work and was still rejected. SMH.

    • You should look around you. Consider that around 50 percent of all men have had some kind of criminal record. If your brother, sister, g/f or wife had a crime on her record from a quarter century ago would you hold it against them for life? Unforgiving are we if you say yes. I had been convicted of a crime when I was 24 years old. This is now 30 years ago. I have not had any charges since then. I hope you had a ticket in your life and you were counting on someone to forgive your ticket after 3 years. Never happened? Ever had a friend defend himself and get caught in a crime for it? I am sure you are so perfect that you and all of your family and friends never committed a sin or a crime in all your life. I know for a fact that I deserve my rights being restored. I havent tried it for a while but I am sure they wont even find my record since it’s so old. I will be getting firearms again. I also may be able to defend myself with air powered rifles. There are some very powerful devices made today. But, This comment you made is ridiculous. Once a criminal always a criminal. If that were the case, then jails would never be available for space and always over full. If this ocifer profile means you are a pig, then I understand. You see nothing but evil and wrong. You never see the reality of good in people and what people do with change. Pigs are perfect. Never. I know they commit crimes some so much as bad or worse than criminals.

      • Hello@ I agree , something that happened 20 plus years ago should be look at but considered paid in full. That person is less likely to commit a crime just because they have there right reinstated, Oh but lets give the twenty one year old sweaty guy a gun because he doesn’t have a felony YET!! Look, I understand better than most , the struggle in being a felon , I received a felony 20 years ago for possession of amphetamine, not meth but it might as well have been. I didn’t go to prison just 3 years of probation After that I began teaching and working in rehab across the country I have a Masters degree in psychology and a BA in Biopsychology .and I still have a felony in Arizona. LOL My point is we are not a perfect nation nor do perfect people exist. But I would hope that people will still judge me for who I have become rather than the mistakes I made 20 years ago.

    • All these people talking about other people making poor judgement, well guess what idiots, everyone has made poor judgement in their lives but was never caught,

      • I. Agree, I am a convicted felon, in 1986 I stabbed and killed a man that molested my son. I served out a 12 year sentence. I did my time, I worked till I got diagnosed with bone cancer, now I am trying to finish my life as calmly and quietly as possible. It’s been a long time since that took place, I still get problem when I get pulled over, or just applied for loans or jobs,whate wha. I don’t feel I was wrong exept in the fact that I went out looking for the person,was was plan to kill him,but it happened and I don’t feel sorry for him. I will never get my rights back to own a gun. I was told as much by porale officer.

    • So convicted felons have no right to protect and secure their property . Does this mean they don’t get to defend their childern from people that do home invasions.

    • Yeah but what about people with a felonies from 25 years ago that didn’t even involve a gun

    • I think you people that are judging everyone are the people that should be judged now i dont think rapest murderers childmolesters gangbangers should ever have or get their rights to bare arms just a thaught you shouldnt judge all felons

    • I am 45 yrs old I have served on a fire department and ems service have never touched drugs since I was 18 yrs old I experimented with pot. I had just turned 18 I was traveling with a 35 yr old adult when we got stopped in Texas and we had 7ounces of weed in the car. They slapped me with a felony possession charge, never been in any trouble in my life, yes I screwed up but I am not a hardened criminal or druggie or dealer and I have more than paid my price rather unfairly but I have. I have a family I work a great job and I want a firearm to protect my family. So u still think after all these years of doing good over a semi petty offense that I am still a criminal?

    • Your an idiot. Forgive and let live.especially if it’s been 15-30 years ago and is a respected person hold a job and family

    • You are so self judging and if you have a right to own a gun so do I as long as I am a law abiding citizen and pay taxes just like you and do govern the laws of this land I have a God given right to protect myself along with my family. You think just because someone goes to jail doesn’t have rights anymore you better read your constitution and look up the statutes in the law books you can do whatever you want to do but if it comes down to protecting my family I will no matter what you say feel or do live with it.🖕🏿

    • I agree with you to some extent but believe it should be on a case-by-case basis.

      Let me give you a quick scenario or “my story”. I have my own construction business and am a sub contractor. The general contractor skipped town with over $100 K, of which $14,000 was mine. I paid my employees out of my own pocket which left me with nothing. I needed a little money to get me by for the next 10 days till my next check. I thought it would be a good idea to photocopy a $20 bill and buy groceries. I got 18 months for one count of forgery (Nebraska – Bryce Miller – 84044) and am now out on parole after 9 months. I’m an avid gun owner/collector or I should say I was.

      I just have a hard time believing that for the next 50 years of my life, I shouldn’t ever be able to touch a gun.

      • You can receive your gun rights when you petition the courts. Check the law out for your state. NC law says after 20 years with some other stipulations to get it back.

    • In some states 3 dui turns into a felony so for you self righteous folks if you’ve driven drunk3 times but haven’t been caught…throw your gun criminal

    • I could wager $1,000,000 right now that most of the people that comment on here, whether policeman, judge, doctor lawyer,preacher, whatever, who are scoffing at those who have made mistakes, have committed numerous crimes themselves (EVEN THE SIMPLEST OF CRIMES CAN GET YOI INCARCERATED!) but just haven’t been caught yet. Becareful how you put down others, I’ve worked with prison systems and seen many of all of the above members of society imprisoned for the most simplest of mistakes. THEY ALL SHARED YOUR ATTITUDES AT ONE TIME! BUT NOT ANY MORE!

      • AMEN BROTHER,I agree 100 percent, I do not care how faithfull you are to GOD we ALL MAKE MISTAKES, more so when we were young. Even GOD FORGIVES.

    • As a professional and successful man, I have been living with a daunting felony conviction….

      In 1984, my 18 month old child sustained an slip and fall injury in the house. His injury was not clearly understood by my young-self and his young mom. By all appearances, he was alright. I went to work and was called home 6 hours later about a traumatic change. As much as we all tried resuscitation, including paramedics who arrived after I did, my son passed away.

      A kangaroo court was quickly arranged by a redneck sheriff, who did his best to discredit me with a terribly incorrect news story. Yes, it was an election year. My lawyers and I decided to let the prooving of guilty lay with the DA and did not put me on the stand. I was already angered with this faulty system I was experiencing. After the trial concluded, the judge met with my attorneys and confided that my verdict from the jury would be returned as not guilty. He was wrong. The sensitive jury was sold by the DA’s harsh closing statement and declared me guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter by ‘failing to provide timely medical attention’! What??!!

      My attorneys thought it cute to quote me $10,000 for Apeals representation. I was not only young and learning, but not rich by any means. My sentencing hearing was presented with several character witnesses. Some being cornerstone professional adults. Honestly, I believe the DA was embarrassed. The Sheriff of course was satisfied. My sentencing was 5 years suspended with probation. My probation officers through those five years went on to being my best friends even through many years since.

      So my question to you, sir, is how does this law change your thoughts in my case, if any? Those that know me, know that they would be beyond reproach if they ever thought of me as criminal.

      It was a very unfortunate experience to loose my child. In reality, I was the victim.

    • I think you have chosen poorly by making such a in-mature, uneducated, statement. Who made you an expert or judge.

    • Who the hell are your that says why should non violent convicted felon carry a weapon. We to have families and people do make mistakes at young ages.

    • One who opens his mouth makes too much noise.

    • I don’t believe that sir people can change. God makes moves on all kinds of people and changes them into better people. I don’t think that it’s fair that people have to live with a mistake and have to be reminded about it for ever.

    • Yes I made a couple of bad chocies and went 2 prison 4 both of them..then I join the armed f.b.I. check came back they decided 2 keep me instead of discharging me…that was 36yrs I’m a 100% disabled vet…so tell me why u think I shouldn’t b able to arm and protect myself? Especially since the government didnt seem 2 mind when it comes down 2 defend this country

    • Officer spincter. Who made you judge jury and executioner? So many of you so called peace officers shouldn’t even be allowed on the force, but yet you are. Knock that chip off your shoulder and get a taste of reality. No man is perfect so says the lord

    • Im a felon for driving on a suspended dl wtf does that have to do with a gun?

    • i see supposedly law enforcement officers; so called keepers of the peace, lots are more crooked than the theives running around atlanta ga now; call your self respectful, then again you may be one of a 6, but i have personally seen law in every position doing more crooked crap than a career criminal; thing sets em apart is the clothing they wear; one in jeans; other in blue with an american flag on his shoulder; a disgrace to human race; a crooked law officer should be hanged by the neck to death

    • It’s sad to see that what is so important to the few, like myself, who like to be taken seriously in our pleas to be considered for the reinstatement of our privilege to ‘bear’ arms. I say ‘privilege’ because as a convicted felon, I believe that it would no longer be a ‘right’. But to those of you that believe it’s haa haa funny, I say, “Before you can judge someone, you have to walk a mile in their shoes.” I believe that most of these requests are frivolous, but there are exceptions to every rule. J.H. Dedicated U.S. Army veteran.

    • Some people do change and make a better life for themselves. I have known many people hath made bad choices when they were young and have never have had so much as a parking ticket after their first offence. Hell I also many priest that were drug dealers so by what you have said that they still are drug dealers and users.

    • People do change,and most of the time people don’t know the law…

    • People can change. Non violent crimes is the issue here. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t judge others.

    • Sad you feel that way. Sucks that we are humans and make mistakes. So I made a mistake when I was 19,I’m now 38,and haven’t been in any trouble since,and Noone from NC can help me get an expungement,due to their laws. Not every black man is a career criminal,jail prison,isn’t for everyone. There are good people out here who made a mistake,and needs help, but noone wants to help, just criticise and point fingers. Well I need help from anyone that can assist please.

    • ocifer spunkter u only make wht a janitor makes a yearunless u own the janitor company u mke waymore so its obviously u who makes bad decesions and most people dont evn need a gun and i can always shoot somebody with a list of deadly wepons that arnt guns

    • American people ,we make the laws and then we want to bend them,Why must you talk down on people that made a mistake in life or a poor choice at the time when faced with situation.I guess you are that perfect its just a matter of time before your turn comes around andnit will..

    • The comments on here are absurd… once a con always a con? Ever think someone was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Most of you are the kinda people who are rude to the checker at Wal-Mart because you think you’re Superior. You’re scum!

      • Your wrong, and angry. What glass house do you live in? I bet you have secrets in your closet

    • Wow! I am a felon and I EARNED my right back to possess firearms, we all make mistakes in life, as I’m SURE you have too.
      We are all young and dumb at one point in our life, clearly some more than others. I now can protect my wife and kids, myself and OUR property. We both pay taxes and I also can vote again. I hold a very high paying job, and work my ass off every day.
      I love my county and countrymen, and I paid MY DEBT to Society IN FULL. You are a hard case and very ignorant and one sided. Like I said we are all dumb at one point or another in our life as you clearly are , and also a very unforgiving person I feel sorry for you .

    • It was 30 years ago, my father just died from cancer, I was 17 with a piece of crap car that could not pass inspection, I was making $5.75 an hour working 20 hours a week and going to high school, I altered my inspection sticker and WHAM I am now counterfitting, too young and dumb. FELONY CONVICTION. Public defender was dumber than me and now I am paying the price. I have 2 children, a wife, a house, a 21 FT. boat,a U.T.V. and a full time job making good money, why should I not be able to get an F.I.D. ?

    • I was 18 I am 45 now I got caught with a little weed and was convicted of a felony, mind u I’ve never been in trouble prior to that incident and have lived a very productive and criminal free life ever since. I have worked in email and even ran my own business and raised a great family, I’m sorry one small mistake that gets u labeled as a felon doesn’t mean you are automatically a horrible person. There are some I agree that deserve what they got and shouldn’t ever be trusted but let’s be a little open minded. Not all felons are bad people or lifetime criminals, there are various reasons and if you think u are perfect think again I guarantee you have made some bad choices at some point in your life. Have u been held accountable by yourself or a court of law?
      People like you that are so quick to judge are sharp as marbles.

    • I do not agree with you one bit! I am a felon, a mother of 3 and a very good one at that! I didn’t make poor life choices, just took charges for my ex husband so he didn’t get kicked out of the military! I don’t have a violent felony and have never been in trouble before or even after and it’s been almost 7 years! So no not once a criminal always a criminal! Everyone has different situations so please open your eyes and see that before profiling all of “us” together.

    • Hey not cool man.
      I’m 45 years old when I was 18 in was convicted of accs after fact to grand theft 2 times.
      Because a friend told me he was gonna steal some cars.
      He did.
      3 days later I was arrested
      I wasn’t involved nor part of it.
      But because he said it and I knew even though I thought he was talking shit. Wyoming charged me. Now I have 2 felonys on my record.
      I’ve never broke the law. Urs a crappy law in Wyoming. I can’t go hunting with my kids now.
      So unless you understand I wouldn’t open my mouth n start getting upset at all felons.
      I could post on here and tell you I’m going to rob a store. Now if I do Wyoming going to come arrest you as an accessory
      So now you better hope I’m joking. Or your gonna join the felon club.

      Yup its just like that.

      Don’t just a book by its cover. People change. Especially after 20 years.

    • Ill toss this on top as well.
      I got a passport. Took my kids to Canada for vacation. Halfway through are trip… I was kicked out of canada by border patrol after I drove from wa to Alaska border. Had to turn around by Alaska Canada border and drive home. Stupid shit. All because of a dumb law in Wyoming as a 18 year old kid. There law is guilty.guilty guilty. They charge anyone who knew even if I told you and you told your friend. We all 3 would be charged.
      Just saying. Not all people all bad.
      And yes there is wrongfully accused felons. Rare but they exist. So you can’t toss it out as a few of you have said.
      Its just like being racist.
      And I’m sure you few are!!!

    • I use to think that way but now I got my rights taking away because I was with someone that was making bad choices and I didn’t know about it until I got called in the office and now I am on probation. And all my rights got taken away I never been in trouble with the law before so yes I am not a con or a Criminal. Now there is people out there is they have been into trouble more then once believe I wish I wasn’t the one that toke him to the store but he was my husband. And now he has messed my life up for good I lost my job that I really loved. And now I have hard time trying to find a job like I was doing before and I don’t have many experience.

    • Whats it matter anyway your right the criminals are armed better than the police are.

    • Those free of sin cast the first stone. Who do people think they are to judge someone because of their felony background. You have corrupted crooked law enforcement who use their weapons against people of color everyday. Yet noone is speaking out about them not having gun rights or the injustice they are committing. Why aren’t they convicted felons with possession of a firearm? Hmmm…

    • There are so many laws it is hard to beleive anyone goes without getting caught. You , sir, have broken a law you just were not caught. Sell the highhorse and quit commenting on stuff that you are “above”.

    • so someone who commited a non violent felony when they were 18 should not have their rights restored 30 years later having at the age of 50…no problems in those 30 years not even a speeding ticket

    • That’s just stupid so you mean to tell me that someone who did something when they were 20 and hasn’t been in trouble since it’s still a criminal in their mid-to-late 30s and so on that’s absolutely ridiculous. you need to get your head out of your rear and quit being so quick to judge people.

    • IT DON’T MATTER WE STILL GONNA CARRY HEAT REGARDLESS. I RATHER BE TRIED BY 12 THAN CARRIED BY 6. I committed a violent crime in 1988 did 14 yrs str8. haven’t been in any trouble since then with a 75k a year legal job. So laugh at that moron.

    • so if you make a mistake when you are young 30 years later you have a clean life you cant have a gun to protect yourself? You hypocrate

    • Okay This is an old post but i want to share.
      In high school i put myself in a bad group of people and made very poor choices. I started to not care about my future and more about the popularity points for the present. Everyone I hung out with took Pills so that became a factor in my life. soon after that turned into the only thing i cared about in my life. Once i started i could not go one day without or i would be in excruciating pain throwing up, hot and cold flashes, or on the toilet, it was the flu that didn’t end. Mind you this was at age 16. I worked but could not hold a job unless i had pain killers to get me through the day so yes this leads up to my crime. I cashed bad checks in a close family friends name for 300 dollars on two separate occasions. I was so desperate i didn’t even care if i got caught i signed my own name i just wanted to feel better. After she was notified that i had cashed them my mother took me to her house and i apologized for what it was that i had done. The next day i was put in rehab for 14 days. Two days after i was out of Rehab the state police picked me up and put me in jail they tried me as an adult at 17 and succeeded. I was unable to finish High School and spend 38 Months in prison.
      Now before all of this happened in my life i worked on a farm bailed hay every weekend and on my spare time went fishing and hunting. every year dad would take me and my brother up north Michigan for two weeks for gun season. I am now 26 years old i and a Fiber Optic Technician that travels heavily for work on renewable energy projects. I have a beautiful wife that works as my partner and two Australian shepherds. My hobbie is still fishing and hunting. I am a dedicated bow hunter and enjoy every bit of if. I know i made poor choices and i agree 100 percent there are alot of criminals out there that DO NOT deserve to have there privileges back. But i do think there should be a chance for people that made poor choices at a young age. Everyone has there opinion but not everyone is a saint. Everyone has gone over the speed limit at least once. you just haven’t been caught.

    • Mine was driving with a suspended license 23 yrs ago nothing more or less. So I should lose all my rights

    • Wow,narrow minded comments.Ive made many bad choices in my past,prison twice,concealed weapon charges,im47 now single father of 13 daughter,12 n11 yr old sons ,and I want my rights back .I know what’s out there,i want my family safe.hope u all feel foolish now.Act ur age homies.

    • The white Americans did terrible things to other races in America even less than 100 years ago and made poor choices handling so called blacks and indians but are they to be forgiven? All things on a small scale have a larger scale right?
      So you say once a criminal always a criminal huh?
      Don’t trust those who make mistakes and bad decisions huh? It’s really a case by case basis that should be applied , no one is perfect people and persons make mistakes but time brings change for some and other are trapped in fooling and careless thinking so for those of you who made no mistakes own your gun and own your business which is your true concern because though the law of the land has not convicted you , the average human in America has done something against true law in the conception of of a God Head to be expressed. Stay true and don’t lie to self about self and be selfish and bias in thought, just take a look at the current policing system and it says you don’t have to have been a criminal to make a criminal decision, just a particular person…

    • Sir, there are many variables to consider there, and one is the crooked law enforcement factor, and some departments will charge someone overly excessive to try to get them to work for them, or in some cases to generate revenue for their local department. I knew someone who went to a womans house to fix her car for free bc she didnt make much at her factory job, and her lowlife son begged him for a ride down the road to a store to get cigarettes, and he was kind hearted so he took him, when he got back and walked across the yard and resumed work on the car, detectives came out of the bushes and arested them
      both bc of a shoe box of marijuana that the son had laid out drying in the edge of the yard, and even though the son admitted it was his, and they could clearly see that it did not come out of the vehicle, the good samaritan was charged with felony possession, (they also listed each mechanics tool as a weapon, ensuring he never gets his rights back inder the 20 year provision) and was threatened with a conspiracy charge that carried five years if he turned down the plea, he was picking a jury with a court appointed lawyer, but due to all the lies already told, he got scared of doing 5 years for something he didnt do, and figured the 6 month suspended sentence for the other guys 1.5 pounds (of tops and leaves that were stolen by the son somewhere in the woods), wasnt as bad as the 5 years, and with loars wearing badges that would testify against him out of anger bc he refused to hang out with criminals and wear a wire, he was afraid to fight it, and he lost all his rights, that was nearly ten uears ago, he cant take his young kids hunting bc they cant draw a bow, he cant be part of school finctions with his 5 kids, and he is a Christian man, but I guess he is a bad guy for fixing a womans car for free and giving her lowlife son a ride to the store, right? Or is it bc he refused to hang out with criminals he didnt know to wear a wire and bust them and make the detective’s job easier? I dont know, i guess each of those is reason enough to lose ur rights in the eyes of some people, but these days, they make nearly everything a felony, if u bring a cigarette in ur pocket by accident to visit an inmate, and dont give it to nobody and get caaught leaving with it, thats a class I felony, and in America, u shouldnt lose ur God given rights protected by the constitution, only God can remove thise rights, if u want to get technical, the firearms acts are all illegal, how stupid can a person get if they dont get the meaning if shall not infringe? Dont irry though, u may find urself in a loophole one day for virtually nothing, and then u can see what a life sentence being a convicted felon really is, as a mayter of fact sir, with all the ridiculous laws on the books, u have probably commited a few felonies this week too. Have u ever spat on a sidewalk? Some places and times, thats a felony too, along with thousands of others that nobody knows about, but are there to find a way to put u away if they want to, u can bet that, u really need a better attitude about life, nobody is perfect, we are all humans, and Ive seen the worst kind of person completely turn it all around

    • Who died & made you God? You judgmental fool! With such a upstanding & perfect opinion of yourself, I’m certain that you’ve made an enemy or two along the way. Maybe one of them will see that your vehicle is unlocked, throw a bag of cocaine in it, then report your erratic driving & plate # to 911. BAM! You get pulled over, searched & before you know it–you’re a felon. Good luck with having your gun rights restored.

    • Hey buddy how about you go fuck your self. You don’t know my situation or what I’ve been through. I had no body growing up. I slept underneath bridges from the time I was 11 years old until I got out of prison in 2013. I begged for change from ppl to eat or go to the local ymca for a shower. When asking begging and pleading for change didn’t work I had no other choice but to go steal. I am not proud of it and I definitely won’t ever do it again after experiencing prison. But I went to churches looking for help. My own dad would not help me because my mom started cheating on him and he cared more about what she was out doing then if me and my sisters were ok. I was always sick from not eating or being able to shower or get medical help having infections. Do you know on July 27th 2017 at the end of my work day I started feeling sick. I went home and the next morning when I woke up I had no hearing. I’ve been sentenced to silence. Man that’s the worst thing in the world to not be able to hear your kids voice. Or your wife’s I love yous. So I’m not asking you for putty but that whole thing about once a criminal always a criminal. That’s your ignorant train of thought. I’m changed. I’ll never be on that side of society again. Why do you think I’m looking it up in the first place. Because I want to do it the rite way. Shit if I still thought the con way I would just go find one off the streets. But that’s not what I do anymore. I’m not above the law. Im equal just like you buddy. It just sucks because I’m so happy that I don’t have to look over my shoulder. I now embrace conversations with the law men and women. The only thing that sucks about the good side is being around negative people like you who thinks there better then everyone else. You need god in your life buddy. And like I said before your ignorance is going to be your down fall. But I’m done now. You take care buddy. And stay safe. God bless you.

    • Good thing you don’t have any say in this.
      …Let us suppose a person was being robbed and a man
      Walked by not about to go back to prison.
      Would it change your attitude officer, I mean would you then appreciate someone else having a weapon then?
      Good thing you’re not in charge!

    • A right can not be permanently taken , hence the very word right ! Also read the original constitution , you notice an article ; it states , no constitutional right can be turned into a criminal act ! And the right to bare arms happens to be one of those rights ! Your feelings and no one else’s mean any thing to me silly ! Why , because I have a right ! It’s about the integrity of our constitution ! But you keep letting them take your rights ! And watching TV or looking at porn on the internet while your government slick legs you !!!! Nice day from the bonecollect67

    • Well some of these criminals… save the lives of you and your loved ones… I honestly believe that if most people are honest… They have committed a crime that could have their rights taken, the only difference is I got caught as a young man in a civil case that some how went to a court of law… the detective told me I will go to jail for a year if I don’t plead guilty… Now I’m sure that you know everything and have never been scared… but as a 20 year old that had never had anything other than traffic violations, when you are arrested for misapplication of property because I was told where by the home owner where to place the fence and wants you to move the fence back over the property line for free it was aproxamatly 6k worth of work and materials I could not afford to do this.. so went to jail bonded out showed up for court and was told to plead guilty or you are going to prison… what do ya do… I am a paramedic licensed by the state and by the national registry… I would really like to have my gun rights so in the event of an active shooter situation I would be able to save my ass and yours.. Not trying to be an ass, but don’t put all criminals in the same catagory… BTW this was over 20 years ago… I will not give up until my rights are returned to me.. I feel that they were unjustly taken from me… I vote I sit on juries I am trusted to save lives why would I not be trusted to carry a gun to help me save lives in extreme situations??????

    • There are people who didn’t commit the crime, law enforcement lied on the report for my case and I was forced to plea to a lessor charge or be convicted of 2 felonies, and it was all fabricated by the sheriffs to take my guns! Innocent until proven guilty?, no it’s guilty and subject to what ever they say! S.W.P.

    • Mr. Spector you indeed are a fool, I have had 30 years since I’ve made my mistakes as a child. Since I have raised three college graduate children and I’m an outstanding business professional and activr member of my community and church. I receive non-violent felonies for writing a bad check to feed myself and you sit on your high horse thinking that my right to bear arms should be stripped for life you sir are a complete fool and an idiot if I’ve ever heard of please throw that stone

    • So what you are saying is that if you are a sinner always a sinner and there’s no hope. Everyone deserves a second change we all make mistakes. So after I Time is served we should get our right to bear arms back. Let him whose is without sin cast the first stone. Maybe you need your rights revoked because your crazy

    • I’m 54 never been in trouble in my life and I was charge with guilty by association 2yrs ago on a nonviolent crime and I’ve had guns all my life even when I was a kid and I’m pretty sure there’s some others to like me and I agree on some of what you’re saying but not all of it and so you’re saying you’re perfect you never done anything and needed a second chance and if you say no I call bull shit on you and I could say more but I’ll leave it at that

    • Sorry I disagree. Once a criminal always a criminal… I fight for innocent people’s rights and lives everyday. Latest was a 50 year old woman who’s grown son was driving and unbeknownst to her had a bundle of drugs/semi automatic weapons in his car. Despite her Son telling the truth his mother was convicted of felony charges and received 5 years supervised Probation! It happens far more than folks realize.

    • Once a criminal always a criminal? Not true! I was convicted of writing bad checks, felony, in 2000. Since then, I’ve been trouble free, voted, held security clearances at three nuclear plants. So correct yourself. I. Married with a great life.

    • Your statements are truly and utterly false once a criminal always a criminal is wrong I was I was c charged with a message violence years and years and years ago and never even touched her it was my first wife however I never fought it and course because I still loved her and never really thought it in court and hopes that she would see the error of her ways but we went our separate ways and I got stuck with this now I can’t even defend my own family now so the law is B’s in that regard however after studying the wording correctly since I am no longer associated with “victim” family etc for over 25 years and have not been in trouble since I am going to request restoration of my rights because that’s something you cannot take away anyway as an American andand I’ve never then in trouble since I have a right to protect myself I have a ride to text my family I have the right

    • Well everyone has the right to their thoughts as such so do all citizens have the right to prove that they can be productive citizens and such should be granted the same legal rights. People who have committed crimes and who are doing well by maintining a job and paying their taxes and commiting no new crimes should have the same rights as others. O i did mention paying the same amount of taxes that they owe just like everyone else but except no representation for them in congress or for president … what we have are second class citizens paying into a government by paying taxes without no voice!!! so take your right to bare arms and right to vote and take away the right to pay taxes as well… Most americans are cattle. They move with the herd even when it is to their slaughter

    • You are an idiot first of all. I just read that a secret investigation by the government said just about everyone in the US commits about three felonies everyday. Just not caught. If your a cop, you probably commit more than 20 felonies a day.

    • I drove on a suspended drivers licence when i was 18 years old i am now 40 i was a dumb teenager thought i would not get caught driving to work i got a felony for it in the state of nh that does not make me a criminal nothing on my record in 22 years

    • I think your full of garbage I think we all my mistakes. and I clearly understand that there different situations in this circumstances so if a man lives a righteous life he or she deserves the right

    • The truth is I am a felon as well and I’ve been out of jail since 2001 I committed my crime in 1999 I was 17 I made a mistake I got home in 2001 finish my parole in 2003 never got any violations on parole or anything of the sort never went back to jail ever since I have two beautiful babies and my life is on the right track though it’s hard but it’s on the right track to all of you to say once a criminal I paid my debt to society I was wrong for what I did don’t judge people for the rest of their life just because they made a mistake in fact when I got home I became a doorman and worked there for 10 years I moved to California now and I’m doing great I have my own business but life moves on people for those of you who are stuck I’m sticking it to people like myself because they made a bad choice in life don’t be so judgemental learn to forgive

    • Not all felons are bad ..every case is different.some are convicted as kids and should not be called a crimnal all their life if it’s not a violent crime or sexual crime .
      Well if you cheat on your spouse once and realize how bad and wrong it was and changed your thoughts and beliefs that you don’t do it again.
      Do you want to be called a cheater and liar for your life cuz of ine choice
      So broad pic . depends on crime , also if it’s a repeater and the length of that and then how long sense crime stopped.
      So judge those who made one mistake and label for life .
      Some are not violent at all
      So look at full pic

    • Listen you [removed by moderator], not all felons are violent offenders! What about someone who just got caught up stealing or something petty like it, should they not be able to have their rights back?!

    • I have a delivery manufacturing felony for sharing a joint which is wrong on every level. No reason I should have lost my rights so I have to disagree with you. Someone that got a felony that involves violence with firearm on the other hand I would agree. If the felony wasn’t due to violence should never lose their rights, it makes no sense at all.

    • Ocifer spunker is a typical, holier-than-thou, ass! But, I’m sure he thrives on all the attention, and the replies. Most people of his sort have an inferiority complex, narcisstic personality disorder. … The 2nd amendment , is “Constitutional Rights”!!! It is Better to be Judged by 12 than Carried by 6….. If you feel you need a gun, then get a GUN ! Constitutional Right to protect !!!
      Remember, it is Easierr to ask for forgiveness, than permission !

    • I am a convicted Felon not by the choices I made but by other people’s actions and I don’t need to apply for gun rights to have a gun and for people with closed minds that blurt out comments about things and circumstances they have no Idea about is offensive .I have hunted with guns all my Life and have been a productive member of society and made great choices in Life but all it takes is one person to place blame on you and your Life will change for the worse . I clearly made a choice not to take the State’s Plea Bargain of “Time Served” to take Ten years in prison and spent every day in there and that was my choice to loose a career of 16 years in the oilfield and homes businesses and my Children for what I believed in . should I be prosecuted for something I had no control of by your standard

    • Some people are charge w D felony none violent cases. Shit happens, those who pass judgement are destined to fail. You are one of them.

    • Little do you know, felons can still bear arms. Only speak on what you know. Even before their rights are returned they still bear arms. You have to read the law for yourself. Instead of listening to others or scheming the articles in internet postings. We parish for a lack of knowledge.

    • Your so mean sometimes the cops put things on people.

    • I just love how people, cops, high and mighty God fearing people get up here and acted like they have never made a bad decision in their life. When I use to do drugs when I was younger I did them with people in my town that are now the judge’s, lawyers and officers on the force. So I love to hear all these commits against a man being able to defend his life when someone breaks into his home to kill him and maybe his family. All because maybe he or she has a drug falony from years before. And now 7 or 8 years later they have changed their life, paid their debt but is still being punished. You out there against us getting our rights back are like that because you just never got caught for the crimes you commited. Lucky you!!!!!

    • ive not commited a crime in over 10 years..sorry you feel that way….no ones perfect and anyone can change.

    • understood thats why we have the right to change that thank god.

    • But the majority (if not ALL) of the mass shooters that have plagued our country, are usually Non felons, most even first time offenders! Go figure, maybe it’s not the felons we have to worry about!

    • Rights are Inalienable under the Constitution , shall not be infringed means just that .If a person is deemed safe enough to walk the streets and is not incarcerated, they should have their rights as the document says , unless you want to cherry pick it to suit yourself.NC needs to learn how to follow the Constitution as does every other state that chooses to ignore it. Look at what ignoring the term Illegal has done to this country in terms of Immigration ,but yet they want to cherry pick what we were taught in civics class about this country. Take a look at the proposed red flag law they want to implement all over , could that catch you and remove your firearms for nada? Continue asking your master for “permission” in the form of a license for a right you already have… and you act smart? you’ve already been duped

    • Seen many examples of corrupt and ignorant law enforcement. Using the law to break laws. Quite a few criminals hiding in law costumes. I am certain you do nothing illegal. . .

    • With that kind of attitude Im sure youve broken some laws, just not the ones that take away your right to own a gun. So quick to judge with Im sure plenty of issues.

    • As a convicted felon from 40 years ago, I turned my life around. I work with folks in need of rehabilitation and I have worked as a district manager of a large food corporation. My life from 1978 to now is absolutely clean and I do not deserve those words of “Once a con, always a con.” I made mistakes, learned from them, and probably live a more honest, compassionate, and caring life than some of the folks that made these negative comments. I am not a “hater” and refuse to be put down for something I have paid for and moved on from. So, I have the rights of any law abiding citizen and i will exercise those rights in an honest and fair manner. Who else can adhere to that?

    • You make a mistake one time in your life and that means you should lose your constitutional right to protect yourself, that’s ridiculous and very unamerican if we start letting constitutional rights being taken away what’s the be point of having the Constitution just think about it.

    • 6 years ago I was thrown in federal prison for 9 months for a crime I did not commit and in that 6 years have not been convicted of any crime because I am not a criminal. I am just as much a victim as the people my sons mother was stealing from and a victim of people like you telling me I have no rights though I had to pay a debt to society that was not my own. What am I supposed to do when some meth heads decide to break into my home and kill me and my family for whatever reason am I supposed to wait for officer D Head to show up when it’s to late. Talk about wtf. Where is my justice.

    • What you don’t understand is that we all did not make these choices on our own they were choices made and forced upon her says children… You don’t just get better when you turn 18… And dear sir or ma’am whoever you are… There are those advice who were able to find me get out from under the upbringing and what was pushed upon us as children and the terrible things that were done to us…. Who would like to finally live as a true American citizen who have the right to protect yourself just like you… Be careful how you classify everybody

    • Such comments make you sound ignorant, sir.
      I have “earned” myself a felony 10 years ago when I was 19. There are such things as scientific studies proving our brains are not fully developed yet to make healthy decisions and realize what our choices that we are making will negatively affect our future. Our executive center (aka “decision making center”) is shut down and we make choices/decisions solely based off of impulsive behavior because our brains are not fully developed. This will not happen until we are approximately 25 to 28 years old.

    • WOW! I committed a crime when I was 19, but I know that the law is not fair. People like yourself who want to look down on those of us who broke the law and got caught. I have not been in trouble in 30 years, but I am more than willing to bet my freedom against the chance that you did something in your past that could have left you on the other side of the law. You may have had a good lawyer or just didn’t get caught. It’s still a crime even if your lawyer kept you out of jail or you were fortunate enough to escape the charge because you’re friend lied for you or your daddy paid a lot or money to make it go away.
      The law which banned X criminals from ever owning a firearm isn’t about the safety of others, it’s about keeping those persons in the criminal mind-frame so that they are more likely to get caught with a weapon and prisons are able to make more $money$ off of their incarceration.

      With that being said, if you sir are the one in a million that can actually say that you have never broken the law……Please, from this day forward, identify yourself as GOD. It’s only fair.

    • I hate the fact that people are so quick to judge. And pray you are not that quick on the trigger. I was convjcted of assualt on law enforcement after spitting on his boot for physical and verbal abuse i suffered from this cop. Now ive been to prison 2 times for possesion of a firearm that 7 years taken from me for spit when if he was not an officer i had every right to defend myself and should b allowed that right whennofficer was abusive and out of line. Now ive had to suffer im not a mean person i cant hunt with my son i cant defend myself against the gang control in my hometown why. Ive never been in trouble for robbing murder rape kidanap just firearm possession and assault. This country is so rigged. The judicial system we have today is not only a disgrace to our country it spits in the faces of our founding fathers

    • So someone that caught a conspiracy drug charge should never be able to buy a gun. That means not protecting his family. People deserve second chances. Its people like you that make our country look bad.

    • What happened to repaying ur debt to society?! I lost two yrs of my life for my actions .Two yrs is a long time to think about ur actions and how they affect others.

    • I’m pretty sure you’ve never sinned before…Or you just never got caught.. Hypocrite !!

    • A felony over child support that being the only felony on your record should not count because no matter what you do you stay a lower class citizen instead of a upper class citizen.It should never be a crime to not be a rich person.

    • Hopefully no one close ever gets Convicted of a felony. Peace Brother.

    • You an idiot and your comments about someone trying to get their gun rights back are ridiculous you have no idea what circumstances caused their problems I have no problem with a person getting their gun rights back as long as it was a nonviolent felony meaning there were no firearms involved most drug felonies are nonviolent I have no love for a rapist or a child molester or murderers or people who committed a felony like an armed robbery so get your head out of your ass not all felons are bad people and they deserve a second chance!!!!

    • Most of you criticizing people of getting gun rights back have done far worse and just have not been caught. Who are you all to judge? People change. Can’t count the number of people who were not convicted of felonies murder innocent people or killed themselves. Your hatred, judgements and ignorance is humorous

    • 1 in 9 adults in this country are felons. More than likely everyone has committed a felony without knowing and with no intent on committing a crime. We have almost as many people in prison in this country as the rest of the world combined.
      Before the 60’s almost all felons got their rights back once they completed their contract with the court. Unless you’re convicted of a violent felony you should at the very least be able to keep a firearm in your home for defense. And you should be allowed to hunt. It’s actually a constitutional right to self defense with a firearm.


  2. In reality, imprisonment is a way of paying the price to society and restitution. Once you have paid your price and allowed back into society the government has decided you are ok to go back into society. All rights could be reinstated. The 2nd amendment does not say we have a right to bear arms…………unless you once did a crime or are a nut case. Gun owners scream registration and confiscation and hate any laws of any gun control. “That is not in the Constitution”, they cry. But banning ex-cons from having a gun is not in the Constitution yet we embrace the concept. So criminal’s have either paid their price to society and could be reinstated with full rights or keep considering them as criminals with no rights. I feel the law forbidding ex-cons from having guns is good even if it is not provided in the Constitution. That said we should stop accusing the government of making any laws to be disarming us so they can set up an unlikely tyranny. Stop the paranoia.

    • How do I actually apply for this restoration of rights?

    • Ex-cons have a right to protect their homes, liberties, and families as well you bigot and they should always have the right to own a firearm

  3. Born January 16th 1999 I committed a crime I have broken the law, my crime was a non-violent crime. I have served 5 years and 9 months in the incarceration field, since then, I have been out of my dark times, and I have been in the light of peace and avoided trouble. I am looking forward to restoring my gun rights and the rights to go outside of the United States for vacations.

    • The word felon is just being used as a means to strip our God given rights

  4. Grew up with amazing parents. Taught me right from wrong. High achieving student through my sophomore year in high school. That summer I got mixed up with a crowd that started me on meth. Ended up with some misdemeanor charges as a minor from the ages of 16 to 18. Caught a burglary charge at 18, for stealing some tools out of an open garage, to buy meth with. Caught a petty theft with a prior for stealing a bottle of booze to try to come down off the meth one night, at 22 years old. Got out of prison at 23 years old.

    When I got home I knew that I couldn’t be around my old friends. Moved away with a great woman that I met. Worked for a landscape company for 4 bucks an hour for 2 years. It was small, and I bought it from the owner 2 years later, when he retired……he let me make payments. I grew the business and made a decent life. Eventually left for a county road department job, with all the benefits that a government job offers. I took their sign and traffic signal department from the cave to modern days. Became a foreman within 8 years and am on track to be the Roads Superintendent when the current one retires in 5 years.

    Raised 4 wonderful children. Have 9 awesome grand children. Been with the same woman for 24 years. Own my own home. Volunteer my time and money to my community, and am well respected here. But even though my felony crimes (non violent) are 24 years old, and I have been a completely different person for all of those 24 years, I still can’t own a rifle to go hunting with my friends, or a hand gun to be able to protect my family in my home.

    I understand the need to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. But when a person has clearly put their past behind them, I believe that they should have their gun rights reinstated. Far, far more “dangerous” or irresponsible people than the man I have been for the majority of my life, and am now, are purchasing guns today.

  5. How can I get the paperwork showing that I got my resume lights reinstated from 1985 or 1986 my dad has then passed away and he’s the one who filled the paperwork for Mr and all I did was signed it but ever since my dad passed in 2997 my mother throughout all if his paperwork and now that I’m a Pastor I need to get my concealed carry because I have been threatened people and they need proof that I have my rights reestablished and don’t know how to get the proof can you help ?

  6. So if my civil and firearm rights are restored in Virginia, I am not legally allowed to possess a firearm in NC until 20 years from when my rights were restored in Va?!?! I ask this because I have lived in NC for 9 years and thought once your rights were restored you were good to go. So now it seems to me like it is a state to state scenario?

  7. Hey you guys with fed. convictions, a bill giving the ATF funding to process the applications for firearms restoration passed the House in 2015 but was shot down in the Senate. You should all contact your Senators and ask them to vote for any bill that provides funding to the ATF for this purpose. There are several million non violent felons in this country that have this same problem but very few are doing anything about it but whining. They all know it is wrong and unconstitutional but nothing will change unless you make some noise. Get off your butts and get some letters and phone calls to your congressmen and senators if you want to get something done about this. Remember there is power in numbers so it is just a matter of getting everyone to work together.

  8. I spent 7 years in the combat zone as a military contractor. I have been hurt twice as a result. I spent over a year on a military ship as well. I just got hurt bad on the ship. I haven’t been in trouble for 35 years. I have a secret security clearance. That said, I never hurt a sole in my life. I can not own a gun. The law is made for the rich. Not the working class. I should be a poster child for restoring gun rights.

  9. We have The Bill of Rights, the only Rights we have whether you are in trouble or not it is imperative to know them and keep them. Where does it come to be that those Rights which are needed in the courtroom are taken away as part of punishment? After paying your “debt” why are Rights still denied? Does one lose the Right to express themselves if they say they are going to harm someone? Why is the 4th Amendment requiring of a warrant to search a person’s property also an excuse to damage the property? And also allows a flash bang device, which can be deadly, to be used? David Koresh could easily have been arrested on any of his trips into town but ATF opted to raid the “compound” in full battle dress and take many lives in the process!
    Free speech, defending ones life with a firearm both require permits, permission to exercise a Right makes it no longer a Right. Peaceable assembly quickly becomes a riot when police show up in riot gear. Citizens are not allowed to wear body armor. Police are allowed to lie to you. Lie to police and you have broken the law. You have the Right under the 5th Amendment to not speak to or answer any question from police so why do police have interrogation rooms? Because they know most are unaware of the Right and it shows a complete disrespect by police for your Rights. No one in custody of the jail or prison system should die from anything other than natural causes yet inmates are killed all the time or die from being denied needed prescribed medications. The staff and administrators are never held accountable. They do not protect you either.

    A quadriplegic wheelchair-bound man, the injuries resulting from an auto collision, lives with his wife and children. His home is suddenly raided by DEA agents after a short investigation and surveillance. He arrested for having too many opium based pain relievers. It was his prescription but he had not taken enough of them! They decided he was maybe going to sell the extras although there was no proof of that He served 8 years.

    All the self-righteous anti-gun commenters responding to this article of rare cases and misconceptions best pay attention to their own business because the misuse of law enforcement is far more common and deadly. Also nobody is punished for fatally shooting an unarmed man in the back as long as the shooter has a badge.

    Ten Rights guaranteed are what you all need to work to keep intact. Taking Rights from some leads to the loss of them for all.
    Look up the name “Joseph Lozito” if you really want to know what is what and then “Tenaha Texas”.

  10. Hi all I know is I’m paying everyday for my past I got a few DWI one was a felony I did my time did all they wanted me to I got a hardship license drove five years without a ticket they reenstated my driving privalege then I went another decade without any trouble never drank or anything then I had a crises the place I was working was relocating four hours away at the time I had a new house my own vehicle I was raising two boys at home and this division I had to make had me overwhelmed but anyway I decided to relocate to keep my job to keep insurance for children I let them stay with Grandma so they could stay in same high school and graduate but in mean Time I was driving back and fourth trying to keep things together well the stress of driving and not knowing what I should do took its toll on me,so I was driving from OK city to in mo.i was so tired I couldn’t stay awake I was frustrated so I made wrong decision low and behold I was on phonedidnt realize I was going ten miles over speed limit got stopped but I wasn’t drinking at all but he wanted to draw blood officer said if k didn’t he would keep me in jail so I did and after twenty four hours they let me go but I plead guilty to a misdemeanor but it got me 10 weekends in jail 900 dollar fine attorney feesthey didn’t say anything but after all that I get a letter saying I could never drive again and can’t own a gun, after 16 years of never hAving accident never shooting anyone for the rest of my life I can’t protect myself and can’t get around like normal people to keep Aman down like this is crimanal I’ve paid dearly for what might have happned good luck to all those fighting for rivhts

  11. I got a good story & some of you aren’t going to believe what I’m about to say but believe me it’s all true. 26 years ago I got charged with not getting permission from the IRS to manufacture an explosive. I am a Marine Corps veteran, & I figured what I do in my home is my business, well not. Especially when my exwife made it the police business with her lies making her out to be the victim. Well that went on from 1988 till 1990 in which time I purchased a single shot shot gun to go hunting. Well she got in touch with ATF after she left me & ATF surrounded my house & arrested me & on their way through they stopped & arrested my ex as well. So we went through all the finger printing the whole nine yards & she is there telling them about my scars & everything & one of the agents said she knows what she is doing. See she changed her story so many times. Any how I got assigned a public defender that knew nothing about criminal law. Plea deal didn’t happen but if I stayed with my not guilty plea they were going to set her free & then use her & her girlfriend to testify against me. Yes they can do that, they are ATF. So I changedd my plea to guilty because I wasn’t going to let her get away with anything. Because we were not to have contact with each other at all & she broke that bond many times but they did nothing to her. I got 9 months federal time & she got 8 months. Well I did my 9 & was released to 3 years supervised release. My ex ended up with 6 more months added to her time. Got my divorce immediately after I was out. Haven’t been in trouble since. Not a criminal to begin with just made poor judgement. So 26 years later my wife & I are being poisoned by people thinking & believing some want to be drug lord or whatever. We had to leave our apt in Pa, I’m talking about all our belongings furniture motorcycle that I was almost done building everything. Grabbed a few clothes our meds & paperwork & got out of the state. Went to Ohio, well it followed us, because they compromised our phone everything. Now in Ohio one of the blood test showed arsenic in my wifes blood. I don’t have no insurance just the VA & I’m not getting anything done there, they want me to see a shrink. But nothing happened. been in touch with the EPA in Pa, my wife even had a nurse coming once a week & they were effected by the poison, so the board of health was doing anything, Got in touch with ATF & nothing there. Now my wifes medical records have been compromised in PA & Ohio. The board Of health in Ohio said best thing for us to do is move because it’s hard to tell what all poisons they are using. So now we moved to S.C. & were here for 4 days & so called friend of mine & his wife got us hooked up with this trailer that we are at now. no heat, landlord was suppose to get baseboard heaters, that was in Jan it hasn’t happened. Have had people on the roof underneath the trailer. We continue to seal & nail skirting where it is loose. Now the landlord put a blind up in this half done garage that has an unfinished upstairs to today. So we got the guy across the streets that plays on off with his lights or beats on a drum out in his yard that looks like a junk pile. We got in touch with the FBI the other day & can’t get nothing done. So I hve no option but to make me a shot gun, I’m going to give a warning shot & let them know the next one is for them. Got no where to go because everyone that I have found wants an application fee & background check. NO felons! So what we supposed to do, just sit & let them kill us? Because I know when I shoot one of them they will arrest me because of me having a record & they won’t even bother with an investigation be cause the law is lazy. My wife is covered with all these sores on the out side of her body I get some but not as bad as her but our insides oh my the stomach cramps excessive sweating, bones hurt & I’m going on 59 done had a hert attack & got degenerative joint disease, my wife has heart problems & osteoporosis. All of my teeth have fell out because of this I only have 4 left on the bottom & 2 of them are getting loose. That was another thing the board of health said too in Ohio, this is rare. Oh no it’s not. It is a major thing now, just don’t hear about it on TV. But you tube check out arsenic gangs, gang stalking it’s every where. Arsenic gangs is a little differant because money is involved as little as $50 bucks, all age groups. there is one in florida that went through it for 10 years & the neighbors even had block parties. They were getting off on what they were doing to this family. Broke into their home poisoned their food & bottled water which we have had that done too. Can you imagine how pissed off you would be to just grocery shop. go away & come home & realize your food is poisoned & you got to get rid of it & buy it again. I can’t tell you how many times we had to do it. even changed locks, but learned a lot about locks on you tube. Your best locks are grade one. They cost more & being on a fixed income it makes it hard. Our car plate expired dec 31st 2016 Haven’t been able to get it done cause got to pay property tax on it & we just got it 2 years ago by the grace of God. But going to get it done this friday & get my license. My wife is staying home, afraid to leave the home again just like PA & Ohio. I had to do the shopping & everything & she stay at home like a prisoner in your own home. So what do we do.? Can’t get no help from no one? anyone have an idea email me. go to facebook & look for loneeagle1100. This is no bull crap! It’s real!

  12. i want my rights back in the old times you got your gun back after you did your time, i had two drugs charges only did a year each of them the last one i got out in 06 don’t do that evil drug anymore i have changed i stay home with all 15 of my animals i live way out don’t drive so i think i should be able to have a gun to protect myself my ex- son-in a law just got out of prison and he is nuts I’m afraid he may come and hurt me bad he has hit me in the past i’m getting to old to be hit, i think everyone should get there right back if they wasn’t there for any violent or sex and stuff like that if it was to do with drugs you should get them back because all you was hurting was you

  13. I admit i did a couple of things at age 15 that caused me to get a non violent Y.O and a misdemeanor but that was 30 yrs ago ,and since then not one time have i ever been in trouble for anything not even a traffic infraction .. i have a family a home like every red blooded American, pay my taxes i am a fireman and peace officer in my town and was still denied a fire arm to protect my home or even hunt if i wanted to…people may agree or disagree with some of the comments left on this blog but the fact of the matter is everyone should not have there 2nd amendment right taken away and be re-evaluated.

  14. Hi I live in Oregon have for 30 years, I am 56 yrs old before I was 20 I was convicted of 2 felonys non violent ones in NC. I have a family raised 4 kids and have been in no trouble other than traffic tickets in those 30 years am I eligible to be re instated? If so can I apply for that in Oregon or must it be in NC. Also how do I start the process?

  15. Well in Texas once you been of parole you can have a gun in your place of residence once 5 yrs. has elapsed in other words off parole and probation, but not legal in federal law but ive been off 8 yrs. and i keeps me one in my house for my protection i don’t give a fuck what law it is if i shoot might not find out but that fool broke into my car and apt. got shot.

  16. Hello everyone, grow up and Evolve. I have read alot of the comments for this blog. And it’s sad how most of you are actually acting about something that is everyone’s right regardless of race Creed or color. But if you really look at how scared you all sound about felons having gun rights. But I know why your afaird. 1. Because most of you are white and rich, or you helped to make these crazy ass laws to hunt and kill blacks and minorities, or you are one of many racist police. Since the beginning whites have treated minorities like less than human. You brought my people to this country imprisoned and enslaved. Then you tell us that we are free but there’s no place ever made for us in this country. We are put down , hunted, and wrongfully talked about in the media all over the world. So now your scared because that same rabbit that you brought here, shitted on and hunted for centuries now maybe getting a gun? The police kills a black person almost 1 every minute somewhere in the USA. But, we can’t protect ourselves or our families.? That’s ridiculous and racist and inhuman to do. People can and do change all the time everyday. It’s called maturity. It’s called evolving. To say that people can’t change is just like saying the seasons are not going to change ever again. Foolishness!!!! All you people on here that have so much to say about a man or woman who has paid they’re Dept to society’s and turned they’re life around should have the right to bear arms. I admit that all felons aren’t good or trying to change. But most have and are. So that tells me that most of you on here that are crying like babies about a felons having theyre gun rights back, are either scared rich powerful racist whites, the KKK, Donald Trump’s or a racist ass police officer.. which is most police departments around these here United States. So if you think we minorities Don’t know whose pulling the strings, your wrong. So, with the trayvon martain, and Phillip Castile shootings and many,many other wrongful deaths in America. Done bye the 👮 police here in this country. Why wouldn’t you want everyone to have a gun. I’ll tell you why. Because you want blacks and minorities dead and gone. How do I know this. Because most white people aren’t sent to jails and prisons. Oh!!! Some may go. But they’re charge is never what a black or minority may get. So, let’s call a spade a spade y’all. Rich whites, powerful rich white law makers, police white racist government officials don’t want the rabbit to get the gun. Why? Because for all these decades you have been fucking over the rabbits. Setting them up for the kill. And you know what you have done so your scared now. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Yea motherfucker, ain’t no fun when the rabbits got the gun. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Think about it.

  17. I think that all of you greater then thou people should reflect on your own lives at what you have done wrong instead of persecuting people who have made mistakes & got caught! You have probably did worse things than the people that made mistakes & had to serve prison sentences over them! I don’t use the word hate to describe how I feel about these people who judge others for making mistakes because I realize how strong of a word hate is. I just don’t particularly care for those types of people! PEOPLE DO CHANGE! Whoever doesn’t agree with that is ignorant, the ones who say a con is always a con are ignorant. Anyone who thinks people don’t deserve a second chance are totally ignore it, but even they can change! I feel sorry for the people on here who judge indiscriminately not even knowing the factors to all the so-called cons experiences on here!

  18. I don’t totally agree with the previous comment the gentleman wrote. Because I caught my felonies in Tennessee and received a six year sentence which I had to flatten. I went when I had just turned 21. I am white as you call it sir, and the population at south-central correctional center was pretty even regarding black & white. If you’re black, you’re not a minority anymore. Used to be, but not anymore. Besides we all bleed red Which means we’re all human. Why bring racism into this debate? I do agree some prisons have a lot more black than white but it works the other way around also. Some prisons are predominantly white. They offered me 12 years for my 3 class c felonies! Which is ridiculous. Then they finally offered 6 years which I took because if I didn’t they said they were going to hang my ass. Idk where you are from, but in Tennessee the “criminals” are all treated the same & I got along with everyone in there, be it crip, blood, GD, Vice Lord, Aryon Nation or Brotherhood & all non affiliated peeps. I treated everyone like a person & was treated the same in return. We’re all God’s children my friend.

  19. Look my son as a young person got caught with a small amount of drugs and charged felony since 13 yrs later he’s raising a son solo , has a business and never been in trouble again . Yes he deserves his rights back.

  20. Well since we as felons should have our gun rights yanked away why not take our right to worship god the way we want too I mean you know the constitution states it can not be changed so why is it we have somany of our rights violated daily by our government because unlike our forefathers Americans noe days are afraid to stand up in the face if tyranny aka our government Donald trump was right about 1 thing we need to make this country great again and how do we do that by standing up to our government leaders and saying enough is enough stop stealing our rights and let the people govern the land we didn’t put people in power to rule us but for us to decide what we want him to do we give them their power not the other way around so stop looking at this as 1 of your rights being taken but what it is if you violate one of a mans rights you violate them all because as it stands the government has bronken every constitutional right we have by changing or amending something that clearly states it can not be changed

  21. If a felon should not be allowed to possess a firearm, or vote, or be in the military, then they should not be made to pay taxes. After all, why should they be forced to pay taxes while they don’t have the same rights as anyone else?

  22. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” I believe the average person can translate this. But you wouldn’t expect our congressmen have been fighting this translation for decades. Republicans seem to grasp it pretty well, Democrats on the other hand feel the 2nd Amendment has no place in the U.S. Constitution and are 100% against American citizens owning guns. Reality is the 2nd Amendment is there and Democrats have made it a top priority in their agenda to write and pass as many gun controls laws to where it will be almost impossible for any civilian to afford or own a gun…… “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” This started with the ending of slavery, because blacks would be free and that met they would become American citizens and have the right to bear arms. Even though free blacks before the war had these rights, white democrats of the south viewed slaves as property and not citizens so they feared these blacks owning guns. The proof of this is in the voting records of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments along with both Civil Rights Acts the last one being 1965…… “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” The first gun control law to pass was the ownership of machine guns. Race relations between whites and blacks were getting out of control and riots were popping up in major cities. Democrats did a study and found more black men were in prison for committing felonies, seeing this they wrote and passed the gun control law of felons could no longer own guns. Though they would never admit this, their past record shows otherwise. Today anybody can see over the last few decades crimes that use to be misdemeanors are felonies today, and almost all new crime laws are felonies. This pattern shows that gun control laws are 100 % political and prejudice to American citizens by our government and have nothing to do with a threat to society…… In 1986 the Federal Government allowed states to decide if they wanted to give felons the right to own guns, a few states have set guidelines that will allow felons their gun rights returned . Some states you can file for executive clemency through the governor and some states say felons will never own guns again. This again shows me gun control is 100% political and has nothing to do with a threat to society…….When a felon is released from prison he always has a time period of parole to adjust to society. Once he has completed all requirements set by the State Board Of Probation & Parole he is deemed no longer a threat to society, he has paid his debt to society and released as a free man just like every other American citizen. EXCEPT, his civil rights are violated by not allowing him to own a firearm to protect himself , family and his property as all other citizens have the right to do. Up until the 1990’s you could request your gun rights through the Federal Government but the government cut funds so you have better luck sending your request to Santa Claus. I myself sent in a Executive Clemency form to the Missouri Governor back in 2014, two governors later with three update request sent in a decision has not been made for a DWI felony almost 20yrs. ago…… “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

  23. I was convicted of a felony in 1978 for stealing an excess of $50,, can I get my gun rights back? And how do I go about it? Thank you

  24. I have not been in trouble in over 25 years i’m thinking about getting my gun rights that is it possible I reside in Texas any information you can give me would be helpful thank you

    • Yes you can apply for set aside but expungement is better once in your life as a adult and have to pay a lawyer to put proper language in the expungement I had a felony and I have had my record expunged now I have a CCW if I can do it anyone can do it

  25. I got a felony in 2002 and got 23 years in a please bargain. I was caught with some pot in my truck. I was carrying it for some one who assured me I would not get in trouble, right. I got 8 years probation and reported every week. I kept a job the entire time. It seems like once you make a mistake and you do your time and obey the rules the problem is not only gun rights but being a felon. You can say you should have thought about that. Once you get a felony you must carry it the rest of your life. Politicians break laws everyday and come out smelling like a rose. I jutsr got laid off after 10 years and I am finding it very difficult to find a job with a felony at 58. It is like a scarlet letter. You are marked for life, looked down upon. If you have a felony how are you supposed to get a job. I know it is my bed and I have to sleep in it but paid taxes my entire life and I cannot even vote. The system needs to be looked at where money is not the driving force. Thanks for reading this

  26. i was hanging out with some people in 1993 and they had broke into a house before they picked me up and when we got stopped by the police i was charged with the same crimes as them guilty for being with them .I did not know I got a felony and ended up going to prison for it i did my time and i have never gotten in trouble again and it is crazy that i can have a gun to protect my home and my family…..

    • You can obtain a CCW permit again you have to file for a expungement from your home state you can only do it once in your life or set aside. But make sure you get a lawyer to put the proper language in your expungement or set aside cause you can only do it once in your life as a adult and in order to get it done the right way hire a lawyer I use to be a felon and I have my CCW permit it’s called a second chance law

  27. It is possible to get your firearm rights back you have to fight the courts but it can be done if you got a expungement or set aside.People say you will never be able to get a gun license but that’s total BS you have to stay out of trouble for more than 10 years hire a good lawyer and do your own looking up about the laws for that state . You can only do it once in your life time as a adult but the trick is staying out of trouble more than 10 years is really hard for people to do then you have to make sure your expungement grants your right to own a handgun then after that obtain a CCW permit for personal reasons then apply call find out the required documents to apply

    • that’s my email I’ve been out of trouble since 2004 my felony was for driving while license suspended they made it a 2005 i got my clemency my rights back except my gun can i get them back?

  28. I think that if you dont forgive and let the people have there rights back your just creating thugs if they dont have rights and can’t get good jobs why shouldn’t they act like thugs that why your sentenced so that you pay back to society what you have done wrong instead its really a life sentence. I agree give them there rights back after a 10 year wait with no trouble. Some people do get rehabilitated

    • Hi David

      it is not thugs you create when people disenfranchised under the law. You simply make a mockery of the constitution.

  29. I was convicted of a felony, but it is what is termed a wobbler. Did not serve prison and had the court enter at the end of probation “reduced to a misdemeanor 17 PC. So I am suppose to have my gun rights but the FBI refuses to allow purchases. To those who object to felons and mentally ill but under treatment owning a weapon after paying there debt or being treated, you seem a bit unreasonable. There is suppose to be a process to restore rights for mentally ill people but it is not funded so it goes nowhere.

    If you and I have legal rights, why are these supposed rights non-existent when you need them. The system can correct, but it is costly. Why should it require an attorney to restore your rights.



  32. Everyone has their opinion on this issue, but what most people fail to realize or acknowledge is that all laws restricting the ownership of firearms violate the constitution of the United States. The Second Amendment clearly states that “.. the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” All laws prohibiting Americans from possessing firearms are unconstitutional. The state and federal judiciaries have caved in to emotional blackmail and erroneously created case precedent that allows them to violate peoples’ constitutional rights for the false flag of ‘public safety’, and the majority of American citizens just roll over and take it. Bertrand De Jouvenel stated that “A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.” America has become that society of sheep. Baa Baa.

  33. I have a delivery manufacturing felony for sharing a joint which is wrong on every level. No reason I should have lost my rights so I have to disagree with you. Someone that got a felony that involves violence with firearm on the other hand I would agree. If the felony wasn’t due to violence should never lose their rights, it makes no sense at all.

  34. I understand people don’t get the perspective of a felon. They don’t know what it’s like to deal with the legal system since they were seven years old. Parents going through major divorce beating the shit out each other. Taking it out on us kids. Growing up getting the shit beat out of you.them putting you out side all day chained to cinder block to carry. Choking you, and hitting you with metal hangers, hot wheels tracks, brown extension cords so on and so forth etc. Then you turn out a bad person go to jail get sent through every state funded program after program teaching your how to be successful and a better person the take a plea to go to prison and take a felony just to get off the loop hope of probation. To be sitting here today with a 18 month old son. Which I would never have could have imagined I would ever be the father of. With another on the way now. A paid for house a career and love for life in general with no rights or way to protect it God for bid someone came in my home armed.

  35. Rights should be given back.

  36. They can make the law say and do what ever they feel like. Would you uphold the law if they said it was illegal to drive on Tuesdays? Police states don’t benefit anyone and is exactly why people should be allowed to own firearms without being forced out.

  37. I was convicted of grand larceny in 1984, I completed the 5 years probation and 6 month jail time I received as a result of my crime, I have not had anymore convictions since that time and want to get my gun license for hunting, what can I do?

  38. i took a plea bargains deal im being charged own or possession of a gun on a prohibited person can i still file for pardon in Nevada even though I took the deal but have not been sentence yet it in four months

  39. I’ll be 65 in march
    veteran, marry to the same woman for over 30 yrs. we go to church every Sunday , we are bless with a beautiful daughter, great son in law , handsome grandson
    nice little house in Stroudsburg Pa. worked construction most of my life, thought we were pretty happy,
    UNTIL i came home one night and this man decided i was an easy target he putted out a knife and try to rob me,
    well. we wrestled for a while for possession of the knife–he lost but since i stabbed him with knife i got arrested and charged!..i did 2-4 yrs for protecting myself.. lost my job, my rights, my dignity, put my family through hell and in a financial distress. “FOR WHAT?’…