Index of SOG Criminal Law Materials

We at the School of Government like to think that we produce lots of useful scholarship. We write books, articles, informal papers, blog posts, and so on. Those of us working in the area of criminal law try to make our work useful to lawyers and judges involved in criminal cases.

But of course, our publications are only useful if our intended audience can actually find them. And it has come to our attention that our web site is, well, a Byzantine maze. We’re working on that! But in the meantime, we have created a resource that we hope will help people find our work quickly. It’s a topical index of our criminal law resources, and it’s available here. To give you a feel for it, I’ve pasted a screen shot of the beginning of the index below. (It may be a little distorted in your browser, but you’ll get the idea.)

Let us know what you think of this new tool, whether we should keep it, and how we can improve it.

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