Welcome to the North Carolina Criminal Law blog. This blog serves as a forum for the discussion of North Carolina criminal law and procedure. It is administered by Jeff Welty, a faculty member at the School of Government at UNC.

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  1. The blog is a great idea Jeff, and some interesting posts. I’m sure it will be useful to the community. Keep it up.

    • Hi Jeff– Your opinion, please, on whether Montejo v. LA would preclude an LEO approach for a waiver on a pending case where the police have knowledge that the defendant is represented (as opposed to an attorney being appointed outside of the knowledge of the police).



  2. This is a great blog so far with alot of useful info.

  3. This is good stuff ! Although the blog is yet another thing I feel like I need to read, it is a quick read and a lot of help. Thank you. BP

  4. Do comments have to be approved before being posted? Just wondering because I left a comment/question on another article and it hasn’t posted yet.

    • Yes, to cut down on computer-generated “comments” that are really advertisements, phishing scams, etc. I wish it were otherwise.

  5. I think this could be a great tool for Law Enforcement Officers however, you should take suggestions on some of the topics that are discussed.

    • Suggestions are welcome, so bring them on!

      • How do I contact you by email? will you contact me I, have a legal question that you might can help me with?