Welcome to the North Carolina Criminal Law blog. This blog serves as a forum for the discussion of North Carolina criminal law and procedure. It is administered by Jeff Welty, a faculty member at the School of Government at UNC.

9 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. The blog is a great idea Jeff, and some interesting posts. I’m sure it will be useful to the community. Keep it up.

    • Hi Jeff– Your opinion, please, on whether Montejo v. LA would preclude an LEO approach for a waiver on a pending case where the police have knowledge that the defendant is represented (as opposed to an attorney being appointed outside of the knowledge of the police).



  2. This is good stuff ! Although the blog is yet another thing I feel like I need to read, it is a quick read and a lot of help. Thank you. BP

  3. Do comments have to be approved before being posted? Just wondering because I left a comment/question on another article and it hasn’t posted yet.

    • Yes, to cut down on computer-generated “comments” that are really advertisements, phishing scams, etc. I wish it were otherwise.

  4. I think this could be a great tool for Law Enforcement Officers however, you should take suggestions on some of the topics that are discussed.


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