GiveUNC: A Message from the Dean

Today’s post is a little bit different from our usual fare. It doesn’t analyze a recent case or answer a frequently asked question. Instead, it is a message from Mike Smith, the Dean of the UNC School of Government, about GiveUNC — an annual, one-day event during which we ask those who value the university to help support its mission. Check out the Dean’s message below, and please consider contributing if you’re able to do so.

Whether you attended classes at the UNC School of Government, consulted with our faculty, or used our books and blogs—we exist because of you.

Today is a special day because we’re spending 24 hours celebrating the University, the School, and all of the individuals and institutions we reach across the state. And we hope we can count on you to help us reach even farther. 

If 150 people can step up and donate today, we have an opportunity to earn an additional $7,500, thanks to generous anonymous donors.

We know that you have many demands on your time, talent, and resources and we appreciate all that you do for the people of North Carolina. If you can give today, you’re equipping us to train more public leaders and helping strengthen our state. 

Learn more about GiveUNC and how the School is celebrating at

We are grateful for your support.

Michael R. Smith


UNC School of Government

2 thoughts on “GiveUNC: A Message from the Dean”

  1. If I were going to contribute, and frankly, as a tax payer I feel I already do, ,I would give to the UNC law library which stays open on the weekends and allows nonstudent attorneys to use their books. I can even check out books. Wake forest law, where I graduated will not let me in their library on the weekends and after 5pm. (Because the incident of theft from students at the library went down when they closed the library to “outsiders”, per head librarian. Never giving them a contribution again.) I do not have a lot of money but what I have I will give to the law library.

  2. If you are going to do this fur UNC, I would hope you would do this for all of the state supported universities in NC!


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