Complete Summaries of 2012 Legislation Now Available

Jeff previously posted his “cocktail party review” of significant criminal law legislation passed this year by the North Carolina General Assembly, or at least legislation people might be interested in asking you questions about. Consider this the après-party review, when we go through the entire house, look for anything left behind, and give everything a good once-over. You’ll find two documents of interest on the School of Government’s website. One is a summary I prepared of all of the criminal law legislation enacted this year. The other is our omnibus summary of legislation affecting the courts (including civil matters of interest as well as criminal legislation), a group effort by the courts and criminal law faculty at the School. In addition to legislation that Jeff, Jamie, Shea, and Jessie discussed in previous posts (such as changes to the Racial Justice Act and Justice Reinvestment Act, expanded authorization for continuous alcohol monitoring, creation of new offenses, etc.), below are some other noteworthy criminal law enactments.

  • A new offense of cyberbullying of a school employee by a student (no. 23 in the criminal legislation summary)
  • A new offense of filing a false lien or encumbrance against a public official (no. 24)
  • A new offense of habitual misdemeanor larceny (no. 26)
  • Revised procedures for hearing motions for appropriate relief in noncapital cases (no. 29)
  • An extension of time, from October 1, 2012, to July 1, 2013, for local forensic labs to obtain accreditation and certification (also in no. 29)
  • Expanded authority for expunction of nonviolent offenses, both misdemeanors and felonies (no. 39)
  • Expanded forfeiture of public employee retirement benefits on conviction of certain crimes (no. 40)

As always, be sure to note the effective date of the legislation, which is indicated in connection with each summary.

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