Paper on Terminating Sex Offender Registration

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For a recent teaching session, I prepared an outline on terminating sex offender registration. I thought it might be helpful to a broader audience, so I posted it here.

The outline covers the requisite statutory procedures for hearings on petitions to terminate, including a summary of the findings a court must make before granting a petition. It also incorporates an updated version of the SORNA tier chart I posted a few weeks ago. (The changes are minimal. I added a note to the CRIMES column to make clear that federal tiering standards apply to attempts and conspiracies, too.)

One comment on “Paper on Terminating Sex Offender Registration

  1. If House Bill 236 ( is signed into law, I will update this outline to indicate the proper venue for a petition by a person on the registry for a federal crime committed in North Carolina. (It would be the district of residence, not the district of conviction.)

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