Crime Against Nature

Crime against nature is usually an “add on” to other charged sexual assaults, such as forcible or statutory sexual offense and indecent liberties with a child. In this post, I’ll address several aspects of the offense that keep tripping lawyers up.

First, what’s covered by the offense? The statute makes it a Class I felony to “commit the crime against nature, with mankind or beast.” G.S. 14-177. That doesn’t get us very far. Thus, we need to look at the case law. Cases hold that each of the following acts is a crime against nature:

  • the inserting, by a male, of his sexual organ into the mouth or anus of another male or a female, State v. Fenner, 166 N.C. 247 (1914); State v. Harward, 264 N.C. 746 (1965); State v. Copeland, 11 N.C. App. 516 (1971),
  • the receiving, by a male or a female, of the sexual organ of a male into his or her mouth or anus, State v. Griffin, 175 N.C. 767 (1876); State v. Chance, 3 N.C. App. 459 (1969),
  • fellatio, State v. Poe, 40 N.C. App. 385 (1979),
  • cunnilingus, State v. Joyner, 295 N.C. 55 (1978),
  • analingus, and
  • the inserting of an object into a person’s genital opening, State v. Stiller, 162 N.C. App. 138 (2004).

While there are no North Carolina appellate cases on sexual acts with animals, the statute expressly includes “the crime against nature, with . . . [a] beast.” G.S. 14-177. Note that the penetration of the female sexual organ by the male sexual organ (what we think of as heterosexual sex) is not included.

Second, crime against nature is requires penetration. State v. Whittemore, 255 N.C. 583 (1961); In re R.N., ___ N.C. App. ___, 696 S.E.2d 898 (2010). This is in contrast to a charge of sexual offense based on, for example, the act of cunnilingus. For a sexual offense charge, penetration is not required; stimulation by tongue or lips of any part of the woman’s genitalia is sufficient. State v. Ludlum, 303 N.C. 666 (1981). Occasionally the appellate division is somewhat permissive in terms of the evidence that will satisfy the penetration requirement. For example, the court of appeals held there was sufficient evidence of penetration when a 4-year-old victim licked an 11-year-old’s penis. In re Heil, 145 N.C. App. 24 (2001) (“We recognize that the evidence of penetration is, at best, slight. However, in light of the relative size difference between a four year old and an eleven year old, and the fact that the incident occurred in the presumably close quarters of a closet, it was reasonable for the trial court to find . . . that there was some penetration, albeit slight, of juvenile’s penis into [the victim’s] mouth.”). In others, however, it is stricter. Thus, evidence that a juvenile licked and put his mouth on the victim’s private area and “touch[ed] . . . on her private parts” was held to be insufficient to establish penetration, as was evidence that he forced the victim’s head down to his privates and that she saw his private area. In re R.N., ___ N.C. App. ___, 696 S.E.2d 898, 902 (2010).

The third issue that sometimes trips people up regarding crime against nature is the issue of lack of consent. Some sexual offense crimes include force as an element. See, e.g., G.S. 14-27.4 (first-degree forcible sexual offense). As such, the relevant conduct is never constitutionally protected. However, crime against nature does not include an element of force or lack of consent and thus can encompass constitutionally protected conduct. For example, if the relevant acts (fellatio, cunnilingus, etc.) occur between two consenting adults, in private and not for money, the conduct is constitutionally protected under Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003). The crime against nature statute is not unconstitutional on its face under Lawrence and it may be used to prosecute conduct involving a minor, nonconsensual or coercive sexual acts, conduct occurring in a public place, or conduct involving prostitution or solicitation. State v. Whiteley, 172 N.C. App. 772 (2005); State v. Pope, 168 N.C. App. 592 (2005). However, when the charge involves private conduct between adults not in public and not for money, Lawrence requires that the State prove lack of consent. State v. Hunt, __ N.C. App. __, __ S.E.2d __ (May 3, 2011) (reversing the defendant’s conviction for crime against nature based on private conduct with a 17-year-old female, not for money, the court concluded that there was insufficient evidence of lack of consent).

Finally—and perhaps most significantly for defense lawyers trying to figure out the best crime for their clients to plead guilty to—crime against nature is one of the few sexual-related offenses that does not require registration under the sex offender registration statutes. But, as discussed above, if the conduct at issue involves heterosexual sex it’s not covered by this crime and thus there would be no factual basis for a plea.

If there are other areas of confusion about this offense, let me know and I will try to address them.

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  1. Should someone who is convicted of crime against nature be able to see a child? The sexual assault charge couldn’t stick so they convicted him on crime against nature. Court is looking into giving my friend son over to the person who was convicted.

  2. it could very well be that the person charged in the beginning was not guilty of anything. But to save face, they felt they had to charge them with something. since they were unable to prove the other charges,crime against nature is basically word of mouth, and what has your friend done that their child is being taken away from them? I feel alot of times a person with a child who is too young to speak for themselves and is in a bad relationship, will say the person in her life that they want to be rid of has done something sexually to a child, not realizing the full implications of what they are doing.

  3. I was looking up someone on the nc government incarceration website and listed back several years ago was a charge of crimes against nature…. he had drug charges and dwi’s but no sex type charges…. is there a kind of crimes against nature that doesn’t focus around sexual crimes???

  4. I am trying to find cases online concerning oral intercourse. My uncle was given more than 25 years in prison due to some hot behind teenage girls on a dating phone line (which states you must be 18 and older) meeting men. Sad part is he was doing great with his life and his friend invited him along because the girl he was meeting had a friend. Anyway, I read the transcript between the detectives and the young girls. It was very clear that one of the girls told the truth. She stated that they lied about their age and that if she saw someone looking like they were she would have guessed to be 21 or so. The other girl lied and said she was raped only because she was busted coming home the next day after sneaking out her sisters house without permission. Turned out the girls were 13 and 14, although one of the girls had already had a baby. I’m not sure if anyone out there can help me find cases of such nature. I don’t think nobody should have to pay 25 years to life for being tricked and lied to. It would be different if they both stated they were raped but the one girl said that her friend never told her anything about it. She said they all laughed and talked that night and on the way home the next day. There had been no signs of anything bad that had happened.

  5. Not sure if I am reading this right. If convicted in NC you dont or do have to register as a sex offender? Is this a felony in NC? I know someone who was charged with prostitution and crime against nature for having oral sex for money.her lawer said she would have to register and could not see her child if convicted.? She would be a registered sex offender.

    • if convicted or pleading guilty to crimes against nature then you do NOT have to register as a sex offender.But it is a felony which is a complete joke in this day and age.

  6. My future husband is being charged with this crime and two other crimes and he was not living in NC the time the charges where can people get away with lies about something like this.

  7. My 19 year old son was accused of statutory rape. The girl was 14 at the time and her parents found text messages of her bragging about having sex with my son. Parents were going through a divorce and decided to file charges against my son. He pled guilty to 2d Degree Kidnapping and was told it was not a reportable offense. It was a reportable offence and he had to register as a Sex offender. His life was turned upside down. We hired an attorney to gile an MAR for ineffective assistance of counsel because his attorney advised us it was not a reportable offence. After MAR was submitted to the judge for approval the case was vacated because of some court technicality. My son went back to court after his attorney and the prosecuting attorney decided that Crimes Against Nature was a better charge since it was not a reportable offence. My son pled guilty to Crimes Against Nature and I beleive it was a week after we found out that Crimes Against Nature is became a reportable offence. Although he has not been made to register this charge that my son pled guilty to will haunt him forever since now it is reportable. No one believes him when he tells them when he pled guilty to that charge that it was not. He has even been reported to the NCDOJ as not being registered on the SOR. I am trying to help in any way that I can to fix this issue and when I read your post about Crimes Against Nature and saw where it stated that if the conduct at issue involves heterosexual sex it’s not covered by crimes against nature and thus would be no factual basis for a plea. If she admitted to having consensual sex with my son then can he legally be charged with Crimes Against Nature? Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

    • Barbara,
      My son just went thru a similar situation. He had 2 Counts of Stat Rape and 1 count of indecent liberties with a child. The judge told him he could go away for the rest of his life with this. He just took a plea of crimes against nature. He is out with one year probation and was told the felony goes away after he completes probation. He was also told he would NOT have to register with SOR. This was just done on Friday, November 13. If he violates probation he gets 6 months in jail/prison. If the girl admits to sexual intercourse with him he is done. With my
      son he was 18 ad she was 14. The girls cooperation nd any witnesses they dig up will
      Leave him with 3 c felonies which carry a mandatory 12 years in prison.

  8. What about sex with a corpse ? I have never done this but I imagine the charge would be abuse of a corpse. But doesn’t crimes against nature ? The sex wouldn’t be consentual but I guess the state would speak for the dead. Just wondering if it’s a crime against nature.

  9. If someone took a plea for crimes against nature and has to do court ordered therapy can they be recharged if they admit to anything they where originaly charged with regarding the case in threapy

  10. Two males, who were consenting adult partners, were charged for CAN for making out in the back of their car at night, and were later given the option to accept a plea bargain to dismiss the felony charge if they pled guilty to a misdemeanor of indecent exposure. This was in 2009. Is this expungeable?

  11. Can 2 children 12 & 13 be charged with this after having oral sex if neither were forced by the other? Technically neither can consent but at the same time neither were forced against their will.


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